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Author: Andrea Bartz
ISBN: 9781760851064
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: March 2019
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

The premise of The Lost Night is one I found fascinating. Many of us have drunken nights in our past that we don’t quite remember, or remember at all, but generally those nights don’t end up with one of our best friends dead.

Edie commits suicide at the end of one drunken night, much to the disbelief of her friends. The grief that could have brought them together and help them heal instead drives them apart, until a chance reunion a decade later.

Questions arise about whether Edie’s death really was a suicide, maybe she was actually murdered; and were her friends involved?

The Lost Night promises to be a gripping and suspenseful read as the demons of the past are revisited and interrogated.

Publisher Website Overview:

Edie was once the shining star in her 20-something circle in New York’s coolest neighbourhood. Like Andy Warhol’s muse, the seductive, beguiling and mercurial party girl had the social world in her thrall. Every girl wanted to be Edie, every boy wanted her, and she and her clique treated their slice of the city like a playground.

When Edie committed suicide at the end of a long, drunken night, no one could quite believe it. An overwhelming mix of grief, shock and resentment drove each of her ‘devoted’ friends into their own corner and, for years, that’s where they stayed.

Ten years later a chilling chance reunion forces Edie’s best friend to wonder if there was more to her death. When a deeply unsettling video from that wild and terrible, hazy night emerges she starts to wonder if Edie was actually murdered – and, worse, if she herself was involved.

As Lindsay turns detective on her own life, revisiting events everyone would rather forget and interrogating her own fractured memory, she is forced to confront the demons of her past. In a shocking twist, the truth emerges of what reallyhappened that night …

The Lost Night is published by Simon and Schuster and is available now where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will be reading The Lost Night so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear what our readers thought.

9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Lost Night

  1. The Lost Night by Andrea Bartz

    Lindsay’s best friend Edie committed suicide 10 years ago. But Lindsay has no recall of that night.
    It’s coming up to the anniversary of Edie’s death, and Lindsay has a chance encounter with one of Edie’s other friends and it gets Lindsay thinking if Edie did commit suicide or if she was really murdered.

    Lindsay decides to do some investigating of her own, but what does she find out, that puts her life in danger?

    With a huge twist at the end, it leaves Lindsay questioning her own mind and who she can really trust?

    Thanks #BeautyandLaceOnline#

  2. I decided to choose a book out of my usual preference and found it hard to follow this story. Really felt for Lindsay who couldn’t bring herself to believe it was suicide and think she was very brave to put her investigator hat on to reveal the truth, wondering whether in fact she was the murderer? I did enjoy the twist at the end and felt compelled to keep reading to discover the secret twist but did not rate this book as one of my faves sorry

  3. The Lost Night by Andrea Bartz

    This book was a different genre for me from what I usually choose – and I cannot recommend it enough! I was thoroughly hooked from page 1 to the end.

    Lindsay is a likeable but complex character whose behaviours, actions and her memory of them have become at times dissociated.

    The story delves into a group of friends in New York City and we enjoy learning how they met and how their individual personalities intertwine with each other – both the good and the bad. The loss of one of the group members leaves everyone in despair and sees the group dissipating and moving apart.

    10 years later after a small reunion, Lindsay realises she remembers the fateful night differently to the other group members. This then begins a journey to find out the truth.

    Throughout this book, it leaves you desperate to piece the puzzle together and I couldn’t read it quick enough!. Step by step, you believe you have figured the mystery out but the final twist leaves you absolutely astounded!

    This was a cleverly written novel, thoroughly enjoyable page turner!

    I highly recommend this book and will now add Andrea Bartz to my list of favourite authors!

  4. I highly recommend this book. It was a real page turner – something to look forward to in order to see if my suspicions were correct or whether another piece of the puzzle would be given away. An enjoyable mystery with unexpected twists and turns to keep the reader spellbound. I will definitely be seeking out other books written by Andrea Bartz.

  5. The Lost night is a great book which is easy to follow along and read right from the start. Unlike some books I was grabbed into this one straight away and wanted to know what happened on ‘that night’.

    The story follows Lindsay who catches up with a friend and they relieve an even that happened 10 years ago however the way Lindsay remembers it is different to her friend. Lindsay is determined to find out what happened that night and why her memories of that night do not match her friends.

    I found this book hard to put down as I just wanted to know what happened on that fateful night!

    I haven’t read a book before by Andrea Bartz but I really loved the way she writes and I will be keen to read more of her books from now on.

    Thank you to Simon & Schuster and Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to read this great book!

  6. The Lost Night is a thriller by Andrea Bartz. The storyline revolves around a suicide that occurred 10 years earlier in an apartment block in Calhoun. Lindsay is determined to discover the real truth after she catches up with the crew 10 years later, Was it really a suicide?

    Following the lives of Lindsay, Tessa, Sarah, Lloyd, Alex, Greg, a few discoveries are made along the way about Edie, making suicide seem highly unlikely.

    I loved the way this book had references to depression, violence, miscarriage, drinking and drugs, in todays society I find these things very relevant and something the youngsters of today can relate too.

    The Lost Night has a huge twist at the end and that left me enthralled. I HAD to know who killed Edie.

    This book is perfect for all ages looking for a thriller that keeps you wanting more.,

  7. I love mystery genre books so I was looking forward to this read and it didn’t disappoint.
    The book is mostly written from the perspective of Lindsay who was close to Edie prior to her death, but we get to see a few short insights from other characters as well. The chapters are very long which isn’t my preferred style as I often read for short periods of time, but there were breaks within them still that were good places to pause.

    Lindsay has no memory after a certain point in the tragic night, and the book follows her as she questions whether Edie’s death was really a suicide. Her investigation is triggered after meeting an old friend who has a conflicting memory of a minor detail of the night Edie died. Lindsay finds a video that leads her to be frightened that she was involved in Edie’s death herself and so she must investigate further to learn what really happened and clear her conscience. As Lindsay learns about that night, she starts to cross some possible suspects off her list and gets closer to the truth but her friends start to accuse her of having gone crazy and worry she could even be putting herself in danger.

    This was a really enjoyable read that keeps the mystery going right until the end. The book keeps you wondering if Lindsay is involved or not right until the last chapters, and a large unexpected twist ties together the whole narrative not long before the end. I thought the ending was good, and I liked that it was conclusive, so you do get to find out how Edie died!

  8. I do love a thriller/mystery/intrigue book and The Dark Night certainly had its share of twists and turns. I had to find out what actually happened. Lindsay was a likeable character and you certainly felt for her at times. There were a couple of patches where it felt a bit slow and nothing much was happening, however this likely reflects the dead ends and difficulties Lindsay was encountering in her investigation and in life.

    Overall Andrea Bartz’s The Lost Night is an enjoyable read! Thanks for the opportunity Beauty and Lace.

  9. The Lost Night follows Lindsay, a girl in who early thirties who dredges up the past, trying to remember a night 10 years ago when one of her besties Edie committed suicide.

    As Lindsay starts digging into the details of that night, she begins to question her version of events and second guesses her memories of how and why Edie died.

    I found this book intriguing, snappy and well written but there were a few times when I was thinking ‘Ok, enough with every little detail, get to the gritty stuff!’

    I also found myself reminiscing about my own Uni years and wondering how well my memory would serve, if the need arose!

    The Lost Night is well worth a look.

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