Book Club: Running Against The Tide

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Author: Amanda Ortlepp ISBN: 9781925030631 RRP: $32.99 Amanda Ortlepp returns after the success of her debut, Claiming Noah, which we read for book club and I loved. Running Against The Tide sees Erin pack up her sons and leave Sydney for the small town of Mallee Bay on the Eyre Peninsula, she remembered holidaying nearby […]

Book Club: All That Is Lost Between Us

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Author: Sara Foster ISBN: 9781925184785 RRP: $29.99 Sara Foster is the critically acclaimed author of 3 bestselling psychological suspense novels, none of which I have read; her fourth novel is All That Is Lost Beneath Us and I loved it. The book is set in the atomospheric Lake District of England, where the landscape is […]

Book Club: The Things We Keep

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the things we keep

Author: Sally Hepworth ISBN: 9781743535752 RRP: $29.99 The Things We Keep is the new novel by Sally Hepworth, bestselling author of The Secrets of Midwives. I think Hepworth is going to cement herself as a must read author for contemporary tales that are a little different and very thought provoking. The Things We Keep is […]

Book Club: Our Song

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our song

Author: Dani Atkins ISBN: 9781471153297 RRP: $29.99 Our Song is the third novel by Dani Atkins and the first I have read. It is a beautiful tale that is far from what I expected after reading the blurb; which means I am having trouble with how to write a spoiler free review. The story is […]

Guest Post: Victoria Purman

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The latest in the Boys of Summer series by the talented South Australian author Victoria Purman will hit shelves this week. To celebrate the release we asked Victoria to tell us a little about her return to Middle Point. Unfortunately I couldn’t get her to tell me if there would be another. Hold On To […]

Book Club: Hold On To Me

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Author: Victoria Purman ISBN: 9781743694374 RRP: $29.99 The Boys of Summer series began as a trilogy but many fans, and Victoria herself, were sad to say goodbye to Middle Point and the cast of characters we have grown to know and love. It seems Middle Point wasn’t ready for us to say goodbye either and […]

Book Club: Summers With Juliette

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summers with juliette

Author: Emily Madden ISBN: 9781743693117 RRP: $29.99 Debut author Emily Madden does more than just tug on the heartstrings in Summers with Juliette, there are moments I think she managed to rip it out and stomp on it. Summers with Juliette is a beautiful story of small towns, friendship, missed chances, scandal, redemption and new […]

Book Club: In The Heart of the Sea

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in the heart of the sea

Author: Nathaniel Philbrick ISBN: 978-0-00-812683-4 RRP: $22.99 I feel like I should start this with some background. I had read a little about the book but wasn’t really familiar with what I was getting myself into. What I did read was enough to intrigue me, but not prepare me. In The Heart of the Sea […]

Book Club: Tallowood Bound

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tallowood bound

Author: Karly Lane ISBN: 978-1-74331-727-3 RRP: $29.99 Stunning storytelling by the terrifically talented Karly Lane in this fabulous new read that brings together a little bit of everything for a book that is very hard to put down, my case of one-more-chapteritis last night lead me all the way to the final page. Tallowood Bound […]

Book Club: The Saddler Boys

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the saddler boys

Author: Fiona Palmer ISBN: 978-0-14-379979-5 RRP: $32.99 The Saddler Boys is another touching small town story that demonstrates Fiona Palmer’s connection with the land and the small town she lives in. I haven’t read nearly as many of her books as I would like but I have loved every one I have read and they […]