Book Club: Wife On The Run

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wife on the run

Author: Fiona Higgins ISBN: 978-1-74331-026-7 RRP: $29.99 Wife On The Run is so completely relatable that I found myself drawn further and further into the narrative and didn’t want to put it down. I think everyone in a long term monogamous relationship is going to find something in this book that speaks to them. Paula [...]

Book Club: Lyrebird Hill

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Author: Anna Romer ISBN: 978-19-220-5242-1 RRP: $29.99 Lyrebird Hill is a story of the distant past and the recent past converging with the present. Written across two very different timelines Romer brings together the stories of Brenna and Ruby, two women who share a connection with the property of Lyrebird Hill. Romer has written two [...]

Book Review: Right As Rain

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right as rain

Author: Tricia Stringer ISBN: 978-1-174356465-3 RRP: $29.99 Tricia Stringer is an Australian writer who has spent much of her life in rural communities, she has published five adult novels to date and this is the first of hers that I have read. Mackenna Birch, most often referred to as Mack, is a farm girl through [...]

Book Club: Driftwood

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Author: Mandy Magro ISBN: 9781743564639 RRP: $29.99 Driftwood is the latest release by Australian author Mandy Magro, it is her fourth novel and the second I have read. Magro is an author passionate about the Australian bush and that shows through her writing, she was born and bred in Far North Queensland where Driftwood is [...]

Book Club: Outback Dreams

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outback dreams

Author: Rachael Johns ISBN: 9781743564608 RRP: $29.99 Rachael Johns has fast become one of my favourite Australian authors, even if she does make me cry – EVERY single time I think. I have previously read and reviewed Jilted, Stand In Star and Man Drought. I have been itching to get my hands on Outback Dreams [...]

BOOK CLUB: With All My Love

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with all my love

Author: Patricia Scanlan ISBN: 978-1-47111-077-1 RRP: $24.99 Patricia Scanlan is the author of many Number One bestsellers and this one is sure to join them in that list. I was not familiar with the author or her work before picking up With All My Love and I must say that I’m glad we have had [...]


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Author: Mary Beth Keane ISBN: 978-1-4711-297-3 RRP: $$24.99 Mary Beth Keane has chosen a well known historical figure as the central figure of her latest novel, an historical figure whom I feel I should be much more familiar with – history was clearly not my strong point at school, and even now I don’t keep [...]

BOOK CLUB: House for All Seasons

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House for all Seasons

by Jenn J McLeod RRP $24.99 Bequeathed a century-old house, four estranged friends return to their home town, Calingarry Crossing, where each must stay for a season at The Dandelion House to fulfil the wishes of their benefactor, Gypsy. But coming home to the country stirs shameful memories of the past, including the tragic end-of-school [...]

Book Club: Jane Eyre Laid Bare

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Author: Charlotte Bronte & Eve Sinclair ISBN: 978-1-4472-2928-5 RRP: $19.99 Throughout my life I have read many many books, I would hate to hazard a guess at an actual number, and they have been of many genres, classics included. My memory becomes quite vague over time on many of the books I have read by [...]

BOOK CLUB: Perfect Strangers

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perfect strangers

Author: Tasmina Perry ISBN: 978-0-7553-5849-6 RRP: $29.99 Tasmina Perry’s latest novel is a gripping page turner that held me in thrall start to finish. There is something for everyone with elements of crime, suspense, romance and travel. In an ideal world this is one book that I would have devoured in a single sitting, I [...]