Book Review: The Veil (Devil’s Isle #1)

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the veil

Author: Chloe Neill ISBN: 9781473215351 RRP: $19.99 Chloe Neill is a prolific author with 3 series published, she is probably best known for her Chicagoland Vampires series which seems like it would be right up my alley – except I haven’t read any of them. Chicagoland Vampires is up to it’s 13th book so I’m […]

Book Review: Kings Rising

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kings rising

Author: C.S. Pacat ISBN: 978-0-14-379961-0 RRP: $22.99 The highly-anticipated conclusion of the Captive Prince Trilogy is finally here and it was definitely well worth the wait. I had high expectations for the final book of the trilogy and I have to say that they were exceeded. Well written, compelling and beautifully descriptive Kings Rising gave […]

Flavours of South Australia

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FOSA Mock Up Cover-Print

Just in time for Christmas Smudge Publishing are giving the gift of South Australian culinary delight. This book is going to be perfect for people who love to experiment with new dining experiences, those who aren’t happy to stay in their local comfort zone. I can think of a few people who would delight in […]

Home Sewn

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home sewn

Everyone has a creative streak, and that streak is different in each of us. You could write, draw, cook, sculpt, build… the list is endless, limited only by imagination. I’m sure that means there is someone in your life that loves to sew. Our home is our domain, our safe space, our comfort zone and […]

Love Your Leftovers

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love your leftovers

It seems that there are cookbooks for everything these days, I was out shopping today and there are racks and racks of cookbooks. There are books by celebrity chefs, books for different dietary requirements, dedicated to a cooking method or an ingredient. Love Your Leftovers is a cookbook with a difference. It is dedicated to […]

The Wholesome Cook

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the wholesome cook

Many of us like the idea of good wholesome, sugar-free cooking but lack the inspiration to follow through. Perhaps I shouldn’t say many of us but I know that this is me. I want delicious, hearty and healthy meals for my family but sometimes it just seems much easier to grab a recipe base when […]

New York

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new york

Is there someone in your life with a taste for travel, an itch for new places and a desire to discover all there is to offer in New York? This book by Alexandra Carroll is the perfect answer this Christmas. Armchair and real-life travellers alike will be enchanted by this beautiful book that serves as […]

101 Things to do Instead of Playing on your Phone

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101 things

Smartphones are an amazing invention but they are under fire for the way they can isolate users. Many people find themselves mindlessly checking for updates or playing games. Research shows that the average person spends 23 days a year wasting time on their mobile phone. I know I’m a culprit of this, can you relate? […]

Photo Books with Blurb

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There is nothing like a personal touch when you shop for Christmas and Blurb have an amazing product to offer you complete personalisation and a book of memories for all of your loved ones. Photo Books are customised, personal and the only thing limiting your end product is your imagination. Blurb have an easy to […]

Live Like Sally

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Live Like Sally

Sally Fitzgibbons is a champion surfer and according to the cover quote by Layne Beachley a ‘remarkable role model for anyone chasing their dreams’. With the help of Lucas Townsend and photos by Steve Baccon Live Like Sally brings this down-to-earth Aussie surfer into focus. We learn about the independent young woman who has suffered […]