Author Talk: Rachael Johns

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It’s funny that while I was out this evening I was having a chat with a local writer about all the wonderful words that you write in your head, or plots that you formulate, while you’re driving and then once you have access to pen and paper it has all vanished into the ether never to be rediscovered. On the way home I started writing this post in my head and I had a beautiful opening paragraph…. but now it’s gone. I really must design, produce and market a device that can take the words straight from my brain and type them up for me; and no a voice recorder just doesn’t work, it has to be a thought recorder. But it has to be a thought recorder with great edit controls because that could be quite dangerous.

Terri introducing Rachael

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend an author talk by the friendly, funny and talented Rachael Johns held at the Mt Barker Community Library. Rachael is in the midst of an extensive book tour to promote the release of The Greatest Gift and she has at least three events in South Australia. Tonight she was at the library in Mt Barker, which is somewhere I don’t think she’s appeared before, and tomorrow she has events at Norwood and at Dymocks in Rundle Mall.

I first met Rachael in person at a book signing in Dymocks Rundle Mall back in 2015 (I think) and I have now been to a few events in the store. They always put on a great show so I was really torn with this tour trying to decide which event to attend. Dymocks is always a great show and being in the city I was pretty sure the turnout would be fairly impressive with many of the South Australian authors in attendance so it was a tempting thought.

Rachael at the signing table with her special pink pen

The Mt Barker Library on the other hand is a lot closer to home and the parking is free. There is also less chance I am going to burn a hole in my card shopping for books. I am a little sad that I won’t catch up with the SA authors but I am so pleased that I attended my first Mt Barker Community Library author event, it certainly won’t be my last. There have been a couple of events that I have considered but I do sometimes find it daunting taking myself off to author events and often just decide to stay home; but I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Rachael in person again.

Matilda’s Bookshop was on hand with stacks of Rachael’s latest releases to purchase, and have signed. I have copies of all of them but if I’d thought of it they would have made great Christmas gifts.

Rachael talking about her career

The Mt Barker Library hosted an intimate and entertaining evening with Rachael, there was a spread of nibbles with wine and juice on offer. I can’t tell you about the wine but the juice was delicious. The talk was set up in the main area with plenty of chairs and a lovely open space. I do love the layout of the Mt Barker Library and I don’t spend nearly enough time in there. The staff were lovely; friendly, approachable and well organised.

The tour Rachael is on has spanned over two weeks and I can’t imagine how many actual events as there have been days that she has had multiple appearances in a day. We are looking at well over 20 appearances so there is a part of me that would still love to go to one of the events tomorrow just to see how different the talk is. I can’t imagine that the talk would be exactly the same at each event but I also can’t think how it would be completely different or how could you come up with that much new material every time.

Terri thanking Rachael for talking to us

Rachael’s author talk at the Mt Barker Library encompassed a lot of her career; as an avid reader of her work and follower of her career there was a lot of information I was familiar with but there was also a great deal of new information.

Publishing a book can seem like something anyone can do, especially with the boom in the self publishing industry, but it’s not a simple process and it’s not always a speedy one. Rachael talked us through a little of the process, shared a lot about her journey to publication and I think offered hope to aspiring writers who may be starting to become disheartened.

The Romance Writer’s of Australia organisation is one that Rachael has been a member of for over a decade and she talked a little about what a fantastic resource it is for writers and the fabulous work it does. It certainly sounds like a lot of fun.

Rachael and I

Rachael was once again an inspiration and a joy to listen to. It is interesting to get an inside look at where authors find their inspiration, how their process unfolds and a little of what happens behind the scenes; how these beautiful stories come to be printed books in your hand.

I have been friends with Rachael on Facebook for a number of years, I have met her at author events in the past, we have had her on Beauty and Lace on more than one occasion for interviews and guest posts yet still she talked tonight about things relating to her career that I had no idea about.

The only thing missing was a little more info about her next release but I think that would have been asking a little much considering she is here to promote The Greatest Gift.

Rachael and Natika

I also had the opportunity to meet her beautiful publicist Natika, whom I have been in contact with via email for a few years. It was nice to finally put a face to the name and be able to thank her for all the support she gives us here at Beauty and Lace.

Rachael with Library Staff Terri and Natalie

All in all I spent a relaxing and inspiring evening with the talented Rachael Johns in the modern and welcoming Mt Barker Library hosted by the very friendly Terri and Natalie.

If you get a chance to meet Rachael I would highly recommend it, why not rearrange your Thursday and get out to see her today at either Norwood or Rundle Mall.

I would also definitely recommend spending some time in the beautiful Mt Barker Community Library, whether it be to browse the shelves or attend an event.

6 thoughts on “Author Talk: Rachael Johns

  1. Lovely summary of Rachael’s event. I have met her now a couple of times and I must say she is so generous with her time and such a genuine person as well. She is definitely one of my go to authors, I just need to catch up on her back catalogue. I’m so glad you chose to patronise the library. We always struggle to get enough numbers at events, perhaps because they are free people feel like they don’t have to commit because it’s not costing them anything if they don’t show up – so frustrating for staff with catering etc.

    1. She certainly is lovely and I am all caught up.
      Well, I had to pay for the library event but the book shop tonight was free…. I am very glad I chose the library and I hope to spend a lot more time there. 🙂

  2. OH THANKS, Michelle – just fabulous reading about the wonderful experience. I can’t believe how little authors receive from their books considering all the effort that goes into publishing a book but I’m so glad they do it. Delighted to be able to share the experience with you – thanks again.

  3. I also caught up with the delightful Rachael Johns at my local library. Rachael’s talks are fun and inspiring.
    I laughed at your comment that the best ideas and words formulate while driving. It’s very much the same with my reviews. My best reviews come as a “shower epiphany” with no pen or paper at hand, then just as quickly they’re gone.

  4. I’ve just finished, The Greatest Gift which was a Christmas present and it is without any doubt, one of the most wonderful books I’ve ever read and I’ve read many! Wonderful doesn’t quite seem adequate! Thanks Rachael Johns for this beauty, thanks Beauty and Lace for introducing me to Rachael in the first place.

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