Revenant – Book Three of The Elven Kingdoms

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Author: Bevan McGuinness
ISBN: 978-0-7322-8981-2
RRP: $22.99

Revenant is the third book in a trilogy and my introduction to the Elven Kingdoms of McGuiness’ imagination and so it took me a little while to get suitably immersed in the story.

These characters have travelled a long journey through the first two books to get where they are at the beginning of Revenant and that shows. It doesn’t ruin the experience, not by a long shot, it just makes it a little harder to get attached to the characters without their history. As a stand alone book it is still a great read, as long as you like your battles bloody.

The Elven Kingdoms are facing complete annihilation at the hands of two ancient beings that have been released from their dimensional prisons to wreak havoc on civilisation. The story is all very tangled surrounding the release of the creatures and their purpose which is a good thing, keeps you guessing right to the very end – though I think if you have read the earlier two books it won’t be quite so tangled.


It’s late, it’s the festive season and I’m a little tired so the one thing that keeps sticking in my head that I really want to say about this book is that to simplify it completely and pare it back to extremely bare bones this book is basically all about the age old struggle between good and evil to keep balance in the world, and it demonstrates quite clearly how deceiving the distinction between good and evil can be if you refuse to see the shades of grey in the middle.

Slave was raised by an ancient necromancer to thrive on the black rage that transform him into a raging killing machine, totally oblivious to his actions as well as unstoppable. The last known surviving member of the Scaren race, creators of the Revenant.

Myrrhini is one of the last Mertians trying to come to terms with the new depths to her power, uncovered slowly as they journey across the Elven Kingdoms in search of the Revenants.

Keshik, the famed warrior, tries to come to terms with his exile from the Tulugma even as he is thrust back into their leadership, amongst controversy.

This book is a great outlet to escape the every day world and travel through dimensions to the Elven Kingdoms to take up arms with Keshik, Slave and the Tulugma. There are all sorts of fantastic creatures and warriors and abilities captured within these pages that your imagination will be working to try and keep up, putting pictures to the descriptions.

Bevan McGuiness is an intriguing story-teller that can definitely draw you in, even though this one took me a little longer than I’m used to – possibly because of the time of year. Filled with bloody battles and wartime tactics this will be a hit with those who like a little action in their fiction.

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