Author Interview: D.R. Strahan

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This week’s author interview is a real treat. Christmas is not yet a distant memory as we recuperate from the festive season, all the traditions are still fresh and we have recently interviewed D.R. Strahan who’s current book  is “Throwaways, The Claus Chronicles (according to me)” – and yes, that’s Claus as in Santa Claus. I hope you enjoying what she had to tell us.

B&L: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I believe the writer in me knew before I did. In early childhood I learned to read which freed my imagination to explore the written word. The first composition I recall sharing was a play I wrote and produced, having my classmates act out the parts. I was about 10 years old at the time. The serious poetry writing began more than 30 years ago when I read some of my grandmothers poetry. Most of those pieces are stories in rhyme. The period of story and book writing began about 15 years ago with a fantasy novel about a magic dinosaur.

B&L: Can you tell us a little about how you got your start as a published author?

I wanted an agent and a publisher to choose to publish my writing. After numerous rejection letters, saying keep up the good work but not now, I found that many well known writers take the short way around and self-publish and gave it a try. Once distribution began, the reviews have been far more rewarding than anticipated.

the claus chronicles

B&L: What can you tell us about your book “Throwaways: The Claus Chronicles (according to me)”

“Throwaways, The Claus Chronicles (according to me)” is about a youth called Fox who spent his life in a remote city of squalor, fear and desolation. He lost his parents but escaped the community’s oppression and forced into the Arctic wasteland in search of a new home. On the journey he found his destiny: to become the real Santa Claus, giving magic and love back to the children of the city.

B&L: This is the first novel in a series, how many books are you planning for their to be?

“Throwaways” is the first novel of the series. “The Game” is book number two and to be published in 2012. “The Vacation” is the third and in the planning stage. There will be two more to make a series of five.

B&L: Where did the inspiration for this series come from?
I have always been fascinated by the Santa Claus fantasy. As a child I memorized “Twas the Night before Christmas”, I’ve read Charles Dickens “Christmas Carol” and have read many other books on that subject.

B&L: Can you explain to us what ‘Throwaways’ are?

“Throwaways” in the city of At il are children. At the age of six they are left on the city square to fend for themselves. It was against the law to feed them and if they starve, so what, they are just worthless children.

B&L: Is there an At il out there somewhere, is your city landscape based on any place you have actually been?

At il is a derivative of Attila the Hun. He was considered the most horrendous person to have ever lived. The landscape is a version of any city slum.

B&L: Are you working on anything else at the moment or is all your focus on the Claus chronicles?
My yearly Christmas poem has been written and approximately 700 copies should be in the mail by mid-week. It will also be sent to my internet friends. Work on the next novel will be continued after the Christmas holidays.

B&L: What’s your market for this series? I saw ‘Claus’ and saw reference to Santa and immediately thought Children’s, reading the synopsis I’m not so sure.

The series was planned for the young adult in vocabulary and narrative. The story content is written for all readers, each group getting a deeper understanding. The Santa Claus I have written about has earned the right to be who and what we know him to be.

Thank you for stopping by to speak with us, it’s been a pleasure. And Santa Claus in the days before he became Santa is certainly an intriguing prospect, one I must say I have never really thought about.

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