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Sequel to the glamorous, scandalous High Season, Wild One is the second book in the Polo Season series and to celebrate the release Jessica Whitman is out on a Blog Tour to help get the word out.

We are stop seven on the tour so please be sure to check out the other stops as detailed in the tour poster.

We bring you a little information about the characters in Wild One, and a hint for book 3.

There are some pretty feisty women in Wild One. Can you tell us about Kat and Victoria?

I will admit that, in many ways, Kat is a bit of wish fulfillment for me. I’ve worked in Hollywood for almost a decade now, and had some wonderful high points along with lots and lots of lows. So Kat voices a lot of my thoughts about working in “The Industry”. But the biggest difference between myself and Kat is that I have two children – so the idea of long, lazy days with nothing to do but make love and write is definitely my own private fantasy put to page.

The spark for Victoria came from a long ago conversation I had with my father, who had something of a turbulent relationship with his own dad – a subject that we spent a lot of time talking about. One day I asked my dad why he didn’t talk so much about his mother, and he said, “She was everything sweet, wise, and warm in my life. Anything good in me, comes from her.” I never forgot that. And so when it came time to create the Del Campo brothers, I wanted to give them an extremely flawed father that they spent a lot of time thinking about and reacting against, but also another, better, and deeper kind of influence that they could draw upon. I wanted Victoria to be the source of all that was good in the brothers.

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…not to mention Sebastian, our leading man.

Sebastian is a muse come to life. He is flawed and struggling and definitely has his faults, but once he meets Kat, he turns out to be exactly the kind of man that a woman who lives the writing life would dream up. Endlessly supportive and inspiring, and yet, he knows just when to give her space when she needs it.  Sometimes men can be intimidated by talent and drive in a woman, but Sebastian finds Kat’s artistic achievements to be fascinating and sexy. And in turn, his time with her allows him to rediscover his own passions and talents. They feed each other’s creativity, and I think that’s an ideal relationship.

Kat is not “what you’d call a horsey person” but when she meets Sebastian that all begins to turn around. Were you a “horsey person” before you started writing this series?

Like a lot of young girls, I had my horse-mad years, but, like Kat, my parents couldn’t afford to give me lessons. So when my own daughter started sniffing around the local stables, I jumped at the chance to get her into the saddle, and as it turned out, she had an innate talent for riding and an almost eerie connection with the horses themselves.  Ponies have also helped her overcome some significant challenges in her young life, so we spend a lot of time at the barn. When I met Nacho and Delfi, I was so grateful that I could talk about my daughter’s riding because it was an excellent point of connection between us. Even though the Figueras’s horse life runs much, much deeper than mine, they immediately seemed to understand how grateful I was for what horses give my daughter, and how much love I have for these animals.

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Can you give us a hint about what to expect in book 3?

There are three Del Campo siblings and in Ride Free we finally get to really know the Del Campo sister, Antonia. Unlike her brothers, she was not born to privilege, and she definitely struggles with the feeling that she’s outside looking in. She has a particularly contentious relationship with Pilar, the Del Campo matriarch, who slowly has become one of my favorite characters in the books, so we get to plumb their dynamics in a fun way. Also, of course, there is a big, passionate love story that I hope readers will enjoy reading about as much as I enjoyed writing.

Wild One by Jessica Whitman is published by Allen & Unwin, RRP $29.99, available now.

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