Me and My Shadow

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Author: Katie MacAlister
ISBN: 978-034-099-3002
RRP: $19.99

Such a long time between forays for me but I finally got to sink myself back into the world of Katie MacAlister’s dragons. Me and My Shadow is the 3rd novel in the Silver Dragons series which takes us right up to the  beginning of Love In The Time of Dragons; which is the first novel of the Light Dragons.

The Silver Dragons are led by Gabriel who is mated to May Northcott so these are our two main lead characters. The novels of the Silver Dragons centre around them and all of the issues they are forced to face, of which there have been many.

me and my shadow

May Northcott is a doppelganger, created in the image of her twin with the sacrifice of a personality trait. She also houses one of the shards of the first dragon heart, making her a phylactery. The traits of the dragon shard change her so a lot of this book tells of her inner struggle with the shard, her battle for control over herself and the shard.

A very independent woman who has always been on her own, May finds it very difficult to relinquish even the smallest degree of control. Extremes of emotion make controlling the shard even more challenging and a lapse in control causes May to shift into dragon form.

Me and My Shadow continues the quest to bring the 5 dragon shard phylacteries together and reform the first dragon heart so it can be resharded and removed from May, returning her to the doppelganger she was before becoming a half dragon as well. There are lots of negotiations and deals to be struck to organise the reformation of the heart, sometimes these deals become more than was bargained for.

Add to the drama a very pregnant Aisling, waiting impatiently for the arrival of her bundle of joy, suffering the overprotective ministrations of her beloved mate Drake. Any woman who has ever been pregnant can understand and empathise with Aisling’s frustration at Drake and his smothering love. The annoyance at having to fight for every involvement in everyday life, for every outing.

There is also the neverending battle to silence Magoth, May’s former demon lord consort, and all of his inappropriate advances. The stripping  of his powers and eviction from Abaddon has left Magoth vengeful and quite obviously bored, all of his plans to take over the mortal world tumbled down around him when he was removed from Abaddon without his powers.

Finding that he has nothing else to occupy him Magoth commits himself to shamelessly trying to seduce May, against the repeated warnings of May and Gabriel.

The Dread Wyvern Baltic, thought to have been killed by his heir an age ago makes a surprising reappearance. Full of plans for vengeance and a return to power his timing couldn’t be more wrong when he arrives on Drake’s doorstep determined to have the dragon heart. This isn’t his first appearance in this novel but wherever we see him a wake of destruction is sure to follow.

Another novel filled with exciting scenes of dragons filled with lust and fulfilling their natures, made more prevalent this time round by the overwhelming desires of the dragon shard currently housed in May Northcott. A shard that is behaving in unforeseen ways and responding to places and situations that wouldn’t usually rate a second thought.

This novel ties the Silver Dragons series to the Light Dragons series perfectly as Me and My Shadow ends seamlessly with the beginning of Love in the Time of Dragons. This was a much anticipated and equally enjoyed journey back into the heart of the world Katie MacAlister has created for her dragons and a trip I would willingly return to any time a new volume is released.

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