Where There’s A Wolf, There’s A Way – Monster High 3

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Author: Lisi Harrison
ISBN: 978-1-907410-65-9
RRP: $16.99

Funnily enough this has been a big week for me and Monster High. My Miss 8 decided she wanted to read the books, I had book 3 arrive on my to read pile and we had our very first Monster High doll take up residence too. I love the books but the doll isn’t mine, I’m a little old for that!

The RADs attempts to gain acceptance in The Ghoul Next Door didn’t quite go to plan and when the video goes public the RADs are forced into hiding.

As if it isn’t bad enough to be forced into hiding at the family’s B&B without warning and taking no supplies, Clawdeen Wolf has to do all of that two weeks before her 16th birthday bash. Months of planning destroyed, so close to the big day.

monster high 3

Growing up as part of the Wolf pack hasn’t been easy for Clawdeen; feeling like she’s never had the opportunity to make a decision for herself let alone make a mistake. She isn’t the fragile cub everyone takes her for and she has every intention of proving it.

The adults don’t want to put anyone at risk so head straight for the contingency plan – new phones, new IDs and new locations for all RADs who were outed. But don’t forget the blame game, where anyone not outed is accused of being part of the problem.

Where There’s A Wolf, There’s A Way is Clawdeen’s story – the journey to her Sassy Sixteenth that almost wasn’t to be, and for a moment really looked like it shouldn’t have. A Sweet 16th is a rite of passage for a lot of us in many ways and Clawdeen’s no different. She wanted to use the occasion to prove to her parents and her brothers that she could make her own decisions and look after herself.

This is a book that has all our favourite characters in it, some of them we get to see in a new light as they make some shocking discoveries. It also has some new characters that I am looking forward to seeing more of in the upcoming books.

Lisi Harrison again illustrates the difficulties teens face if they don’t ‘fit in’, the judgement and isolation that comes with being different. In modern society the differences may not be as pronounced as the RADs at Monster High but they are there and everyone craves that acceptance that allows them to be who they are.

Monster High is a fabulous light, imaginative and entertaining read.¬† It speaks to the insecure teen in all of us and even though it is light reading and I could have devoured it in a sitting if I didn’t have other responsibilities knocking on my schedule every 5 minutes it still sends a powerful message.



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