Goddess Interrupted

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Author: Aimee Carter
ISBN: 978-192179665-4

Goddess Interrupted is the second book in a trilogy which takes Greek mythology to a new dimension, one in which Kate Winters has been granted immortality, married Henry King of the Underworld and is about to be crowned Queen to rule alongside her husband.

That’s what is supposed to happen anyway, in matters of destiny and the fate of humanity the course of events never runs to plan.

Coming to Carter’s Underworld in the middle of the trilogy could have been extremely confusing but her writing style and talent for story-telling paints a picture which allows an understanding and involvement that is not diminished by having missed the first volume, but unwilling to risk missing the third.

The cast are the Greek gods of mythology though they have all taken on new names in an effort to blend a little better into the 21st Century.


Kate is a strong and stubborn protagonist who has died into this life by choice, thinking she knows what she’s getting herself into. We watch as things get difficult and she begins to question if things will ever be as she thought they would and she struggles through the beginnings of what could be a war to end humanity but through it all we see her suffer through some of the self doubt and questioning that every one of us faces at some point in our very human lives.

The bulk of this story plays out in the Underworld, a place which changes around each resident soul, adaptable to the vision each soul believes it deserves in the afterlife. Kate’s journey through the Underworld in search of the place Henry is held captive is quite a heartbreaking introduction to her subjects as the new Queen – if they are ever able to perform the ceremony.

At the root of this book is the love story unfolding between Kate and Henry. The totally different worlds and backgrounds of this couple, with all its hurdles. We often discuss in our lives whether a difference in age is important and Carter’s lead couple are quite an example – Kate is nearing her 20th birthday and Henry – well, his age is counted in millennia. Is that an age difference that can be overcome?

Carter drew me deeply into this story, when I got my head around the seemingly unrelated Prologue and the first few chapters setting the scene.

Kate is a character who grabbed my heartstrings and never let them go. She may have been granted immortality and embraced the idea of a life in the Underworld after falling in love with a god but finds it’s not so easy to turn her back on mortal jealousies, human insecurities and a need to feel her love reciprocated. She had me fighting tears through more than one passage as she struggled with her heart and her needs, and then weighed them against what she knew was best in the long run.

Just as things seem to be working out for Kate things take an unexpected turn – and then the book ends. Leaving me on an emotional cliffhanger and unsure whether I can wait for The Goddess Inheritance.

This was a fantastic read which caught me in its web and wouldn’t let go. Carter weaves a world which illuminates the Greek myths in a different light and demonstrates how rewarding fighting for what you really want can be.

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