Author Interview: Bill McKenna

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This week I asked Bill McKenna some questions about his recently released autobiography titled “The Only Lesson”. In the book he shares the often heartbreaking journey that brought him to self awareness (and a place of enlightenment) about the reasons we are here.

I hope you can take something away from this interview, I know it certainly gave me some new insights.

B&L: The Only Lesson is your recently released book, what can you tell us about it?

It’s a true story that began when I wrecked my yacht in Mexico and led me down a path that I had absolutely no idea I would be going down. Things got very weird but it led me to understand the only lesson we are here to learn.

B&L: You grew up as the eldest of 12 children, what was that like?

It was intense, partially because I was one of the oldest and responsible for the others but mostly because of the overwhelming abuse by my father.


B&L: The Only Lesson is an autobiographical account, was it difficult getting all of those experiences onto paper?

Actually it was not, I had already come to peace with everything but the revelations were overwhelming in a joyful way as I put them to paper. It was to the point that I could barely handle it.

B&L: How did it feel when you realised this would be published and potentially read by millions?

This was a big one for me. All my life I had a phobia of fame.  I really did not want anyone to know what I had for lunch much less reveal the deepest parts of my life. I knew the message was much bigger than me and I needed to let go for the benefit of all mankind.

B&L: What has been the hardest part of the process for you, from getting it on paper to now with the book in stores?

The hardest part was living through everything that led up to me learning the only lesson we are here to learn.  The book was so easy to write, it seemed to just fall out of me. The process with the publisher and publicists has been easy and smooth as well.

B&L: How difficult was it finding a publisher to release the book?

Very easy because it’s self published through Balboa Press, I cut a check and they took care of everything.

B&L: You have struggled to get through many things in life. Which would you say has been the biggest achievement to get to the other side of?

It really has to be letting go of resentments. It was very hard for me to do that but once that happened it was like a cascade. Things started happening very fast. Things I would have never dreamed of.

B&L: What has been the scariest experience you have lived through?

It’s hard to just pick one but the having my parachute collapse and nearly dying is right up there but not the only time the grim reaper came lurking about.

B&L: And can you tell us, what’s next for Bill McKenna?

I have a few other books that I am working on but the biggest thing is I have a daughter about to be born. I am looking forward to that.

B&L:  Are you planning to continue writing?

Yes, I have a few other books in me that are on the way.

Here is my book release trailer on youtube.


Thanks for talking with us Bill, it’s always sad to think of what some people suffer in their lives but to see that you have come through stronger and more enlightened is a positive!

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