The Food Clock – Fast Ed Halmagyi

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Fast Ed Halmagyi is one of Australia’s best loved celebrity chefs, across multiple mediums. As the name suggests Fast Ed is the king of fast food, but not the way you would usually think of fast food – Fast Ed brings good food to the masses FAST! Ed’s mission couldn’t be simpler – maximise flavour while you minimise time.

Every week Fast Eds recipes grace the dining tables of millions of Australians, I have certainly tried a few and look forward to trying a few more.

For anyone who wants their family to eat better food, to be healthier, to be more creative, and to have more time, understanding the year of food is the first and most important hurdle to overcome. It’s time to start your food clock!

Many of us, me being a definite member of the us in this sentence, rotate the same list of dishes almost constantly because we are busy but there is a suggestion that it is more than just being busy. It has been suggested that we recycle the same old menus because we have lost our connection to the changing of the season.

the food clock

The Food Clock has been put together to remind us of this connection as it showcases food that makes the most of fresh, seasonal vegetables and is simple to prepare.

 ‘I felt it was time to give the cookbook a bit of an overhaul. The Food Clock is more than just another cookbook — it tells me not the time of day but the time of food. It reveals the inner lusciousness that only seasonal cooking can offer.’ says Fast Ed about his most unusual cookbook

Unusual cookbook? I hear you ask. Yes, according to the poking around I’ve been doing the book combines the fictional story of a French gentleman with delectable seasonal dishes. Making this a must have book for lovers of books, lovers of food, lovers of cooking and lovers of stories, in my case – all of the above.

Included in the cookbook are recipes for ham and broad bean risotto, and flame-grilled porterhouse with herb-roasted tomatoes. The section I think I would get extremely caught up in would be desserts, and who could blame me with offerings like cherry pie or steamed mandarin pudding with burnt honey sauce. The Food Clock has the power to revolutionise your kitchen and it is definitely a book to savour and sample all year round.
Coinciding with the release of The Food Clock is an Australian Tour for Fast Ed, he will be involved in book signings and cooking demonstrations across the country. For details on where you can catch Fast Ed head over and see him HERE.

Published: 1 August 2012
ISBN:  9780732293789
RRP: $39.99

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