Lost In Time

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Author: Melissa de la Cruz
ISBN: 978-1-905654-76-5
RRP: $16.99

I was super excited to discover the release of the 6th Blue Bloods novel last week and was itching to have it in my hands immediately. I had to strike a hard bargain to be able to push the book up the queue but I knew that any attempt to resist the lure of the Blue Bloods would be futile, it’s been too long.

And so, as we set off on our birthday party road trip this morning I sat with Lost in Time in my hand, ready to devour it. It may have been 8 or 9 months since my last Van Alen fix, it may have been (actually let’s just say countless because I have no idea) books and even more characters since last I spent some time with Schuyler, Oliver, Mimi and Jack but they are characters that have stayed with me and their storyline came back to me immediately.

lost in time

The tagline for this series is that the characters are young, fabulous and fanged and by this point in the series the only thing that remains indisputable in that statement is that they’re fanged. The trials they have faced along the way has aged them in ways that only experience can and the trials they have faced left them feeling far less than fabulous but fanged – that’s the one thing that has never been in question.

Schuyler and Jack are hard at work chasing down leads as they try tirelessly to decipher all of the Van Alen Legacy puzzle pieces to protect the blue bloods, while Mimi attempts to rescue Kingsley from Hell with Oliver at her side.

Lost in Time certainly lives up to it’s name. It shifts through 3 different points of view as we follow three storylines, two in the present and one in the past.

As well as following the adventures of Jack and Schuyler and Mimi and Oliver we are learning a much more personal back story for Allegra. We follow along as she retells the story of her tough decision to break her bond and wed her human familiar. This storyline answers some of the questions but there are some really big ones left, and some big new ones raised, to be answered in the next installment of this addictive series.

Mimi’s storyline in Lost In Time takes her to hell and back, literally. We follow along with her as she learns some hard lessons about herself and grows quite significantly, even for a soul as old as hers. I think she surprised even herself.

The course of true love never runs smooth but for the Blue Bloods fortunate enough to find love for themselves it finds a whole new level of bumpy. There is so much more at stake in a Blue Bloods love story than the lovers’ happiness, fates of entire covens  can rest on the shoulders of the bonded.

Melissa de la Cruz has brought us a whole new world built on the oldest foundations there are. Having said that it definitely seems that vampires and angels are inextricably linked in a lot of modern literature, Melissa de la Cruz does it on her own terms in a way I’m finding refreshingly original.

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