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Author: Lauren Kate
ISBN: 978-038-561-8083
RRP: $24.95

Passion picks up where Torment left off with Luce embarking on the quest of a thousand lifetimes through Announcers to the dawn of her epic love with Daniel Grigori.

This book is fast paced as it speeds backwards through time chapter by chapter, slowly illuminating the passionate love affair that refuses to be quenched. The insights Luce gains into her past incarnations and fiery ends help her to understand how things came to be as they are in the present.

Luce is pursued through time by Daniel, always one step behind but ever hopeful that he will catch up with her. It seems that his journey is not only one of pursuing his one true love but he too has a lot to learn from the journey.

passion lauren kate

One of these lovers manages to effect a change in the curse that sees her die and Daniel punished for their love. At the outset no-one is really sure who has managed to change the course of time, always assuming it must have been Luce, but with so many racing back through the centuries and the butterfly effect dictating that the tiniest change could have major consequences there really is no way to know for sure who has managed to write the loophole into the curse.

This major plot point is enough to keep you guessing right til the very end, and it is certainly one that I won’t be spoiling. Suffice it to say that with that much travel through time the options are endless.

Passion really is an embodiment of it’s title, in more ways than can truly be fathomed at the outset. The passion between Daniel and Luce is sometimes palpable as Luce searches for the why in her situation, but there are so many other illustrations of passion in the characters and the situations throughout this third installment of the Fallen series.

Daniel and Luce are even more at the forefront of this story than the previous two, with only fleeting appearances of the other characters we have grown to love. There is the addition of one important new character, a character who always seems to be a little more than meets the eye. Bill’s addition to the mix brings revelations as well as humour but saves the best surprise until the very end.

The perspective here is taken chapter by chapter as Luce follows her heart through time on a quest for understanding why this cycle is destined to remain on repeat eternally and Daniel pursues her, always arriving a little too late.

That isn’t to say that our depth of understanding of other characters isn’t enhanced! There are times when we glimpse other characters in previous incarnations and observe some of the moments that transform them into who they are in the present day, and realise that in all of Heaven, Hell and Earth nothing is completely black or white. Purity, one way or the other, is reserved only for those who are their incarnation; everything in between is shades of grey.

Another book that thoroughly enjoyed, and kept me guessing, until the very last chapter when I stopped. I put it down and thought to myself, do I really want to finish this now or should I make it last because this time next year is an awfully long time to have to wait for Rapture.

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