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Author: Melissa Marr
ISBN: 978-0-00-734927-2
RRP: $27.99

Melissa Marr has woven a tale that draws you in and holds you captivated as you learn more about the town of Claysville and all of the things that make it unique.

Claysville may seem like any other small town but it is very different, normal small towns let you go. On the surface Claysville seems like a lovely place to live; the crime rate is down, no-one is ever really sick, everyone is friendly and most of the residents are born and bred in town. The peace comes with a price though! A price that only a select few are fully aware of, and a few more have some basic background info on and the rest live out their lives blissfully unaware – unable to even question some of the quirky rules, laws and goings on.

Claysville residents live their entire lives within town limits, and those that do manage to get out never get far.

Rebekkah Barrow and Byron Montgomery both managed to get out and spent the whole time running. Never completely sure what they were running from or to but knowing that they never found it. It was only as they returned home that they realised their restlessness was all because of their distance from Claysville.


Evil has found it’s way to the peaceful little town of Claysville and there are only two people who can stop it. Two people who, until now, have known nothing of the legacy they were to inherit. With no time to learn about their roles and get settled they are in for a steep learning curve when the only two people who could share information with them about their new roles were already in the land of the dead.

Melissa Marr has created a world that shows such care and reverence for the dead, keeping them close to us and looking after them to ensure that they go on to where they need to be. Okay, in the Claysville of Marr’s imagination that is to stop them coming back hungry and wreaking havoc on the town; but it is still a beautiful thought and, to an extent, the kind of reverence we could all afford to adopt in our lives.

The Graveminder and the Undertaker have roles that are inextricably linked, which makes perfect sense really, and their lives are intertwined the same way – so how long can you run from the man you were destined to live for?

Marr raises and answers many questions that we all face in our everyday lives as she creates a new race of walking dead and a couple, who will always be in love but not always be together, to tend to them and ensure that they all make it home so that life in Claysville can continue for those they love.

In the first half of the book we discover how things are and that’s just the way they are. Once we get past halfway there are some answers about how Claysville came to be the way it is, and why the Barrow women are so quirky.

This is an enthralling adult novel debut for the best-selling author of the Young Adult ‘Wicked Lovely’ series and one I am thrilled to have been my introduction to the works of Melissa Marr. I look forward to reading more.

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