Dead Reckoning

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Author: Charlaine Harris
ISBN: 978-057-509-6530
RRP: $29.99

Bon Temps (and surrounding areas) is getting bloodier by the book; and the list of new species and supernatural beings rises with the body count. Poor Sookie has come along way in the 2-ish years since meeting Bill and the quiet, virginal Christian who doesn’t cuss or wish the worst for anyone (even if she can hear that they deserve it) is becoming a distant memory for Sookie and her fans alike.

Dead Reckoning is crisis filled and action packed with Sookie hardly finding a quiet moment to relax. The enemies are beginning to stack up and it’s a struggle to decipher which direction the threats are coming from.

Add to this the good intentions of friends, that sometimes become a little misplaced, and we find Sookie a little more vulnerable than she’s been in a while. Luckily for her there is still a very devoted vampire ex-lover living across the cemetery.

dead reckoning

The list of Sookie’s admirer’s isn’t getting any shorter, or less varied, and their devotion to her radiates through even when it isn’t spelled out for us. Even with the pick of the bunch Sookie follows her heart, when she discovers that it really is her heart that’s doing the talking.

Dead Reckoning gives quite a bit of new insight into Sookie’s family history and her ability with a special secret discovery that has been squirreled away in the attic for an indeterminate length of time. The letter begins the string of new discoveries and helps us learn quite a bit more about Gran and the way the fairy bloodline came to be!

Alongside the family discoveries that coincide with cleaning out the attic Sookie has to contend with the vindictive Sandra Pelt on her tail and determined to collect on her vendetta. Doesn’t seem to matter how many times she’s thwarted, removed and presumably rendered incapable of further harm she keeps on coming back so the guard can never be dropped.

The psycho Sandra Pelt isn’t the biggest concern for Sookie though. She is finding her desire for people to come to harm rising which gives her great cause to worry about her own moral compass, not a position I think she would have foreseen for herself.

The hierarchical restructuring continues to cause the most distress, with the new Regent ruffling feathers and doing his best to incite a situation that will allow him to kill off vampires with little threat of repercussions for himself. Not a situation that Eric is finding to his liking, especially as it sees Pam and Sookie used as pawns in his little game of cat and mouse.

Charlaine Harris has released a new chapter in Sookie’s life that is written with her distinctive flair, which is getting bloodier and more graphic with every installment, and will have you glued to your chair flipping pages until the very end. And it is a bittersweet moment for me, again, because my relationship with Sookie and the gang is again on hiatus awaiting a new book.

This isn’t the end for Sookie, it can’t be – there are too many questions left unanswered… will Eric be forced to follow the wishes of his maker, even though he’s met his final death? Will Sookie be able to adapt to the ever changing nature of the supernatural world she finds herself entangled in? Will she get to share a relationship that even borders on regular?

I, for one, can’t wait to find out.

There’s been quite a list of contenders, who do you think Sookie should end up pursuing a relationship with?

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