Archangel’s Blade

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Author: Nalini Singh
ISBN: 978-0-575-11347-3
RRP: $19.99

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh is back with the 4th Guild Hunter novel and it caught me, hooked me and wouldn’t let go. I should be quite a ways into my night’s sleep right now but I was just so close, too close to put it down – I had to stay and finish it so if I start to ramble forgive me, I’ve probably switched to auto-writer and I’m sleeping at the computer, it happens occasionally.

The Guild Hunter novels are not your run of the mill vampire romps, they aren’t sparkly happy vegetarians who feed from animals and try to blend into society. They are set in a modern American society where Archangels and the Made live together with mortals, reasonably peacefully. The only reason for the peace is that the Archangels rule their domains without mercy, but with quite a good dose of fear because if they did any less their positions of power would be threatened.

These books are for those of you who like retribution, vengeance and an eye for an eye as long as you have the stomach to handle the graphic detail that comes with it. The¬† physical relations are the stuff of people’s wildest fantasies and also very descriptive – caught off guard they will certainly bring a rosy blush to your cheeks and trigger a hot flush regardless of what takes place in your fantasies.

The back of the book categorizes Archangel’s Blade as Gothic, Romantic, Action Packed, Funny and Sexy. Absolutely spot on! This book is all of those things and more. The action doesn’t stop for a second, it does change pace and change arena so that it’s different kinds of action but definitely non-stop. I was lucky enough to have a chauffeur to drive me to work a couple of days this week which meant I could read and it was fabulous to share my morning commute with Honor and Dmitri.

archangel'a blade

The romance will literally make your heart ache. Dmitri has lived almost a millennium and never has he recovered from the death of his wife at the hands of vampires – by angels orders. Never has he allowed another woman to get close to him until one day a woman walks through his door and challenges him.

Honor is learning to live again, fighting to become the survivor instead of the victim because of the brutality she has recently escaped. It turns out the broken shell of a woman was more bruised than broken and has untold strength at her core. To help the healing she needs to work through the abuse, and the abusers, until she can move past it and be sure no-one else will suffer her fate at the hands of the same abusers.

The past is hunting them both and it doesn’t intend to loose it’s hold. It may be a past they wanted to outrun, Dmitri for more years than any of us could ever comprehend, but sometimes the past refuses to stay buried.

The sexy is definitely that, I’m sure your bookmark will become your fan on more than one occasion.

Archangel’s Blade is the fourth of the Guild Hunter novels and I still haven’t got to books one and two yet but that did not detract at all from the enjoyment of this book. I do love to read my series in order start to finish but these days that just isn’t practical. Rereading from start to finish every time a new installment is released – definitely a thing of the past – so maybe I am just getting used to it. I think it’s more a case of this can be a stand alone novel. Yes, some of the characters I met in Archangel’s Consort and yes their stories follow on in this book but the main storyline and the main characters are new to the lead so there wasn’t a lot of back-story for them in the preceding volume.

Definitely worth picking up and I am glad to have come across Nalini Singh in my reading. The 70’s had Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll and now Nalini brings us Sex, Blood and Wings.

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