Book Review: Sight

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Author: Juliet Madison
ISBN: 9781626815506
RRP: $4.99

Sight is the first in The Delta Girls series by the talented genre jumping Juliet Madison. I read her debut, Fast Forward, and loved it but haven’t managed to catch anything of hers since. It’s a simple case of too many good books and not enough hours, I have meant to read all the releases in between but haven’t managed to fit them in. Sight is one that I simply had to make room for, the cover is absolutely gorgeous and that cover model looks familiar but I can’t work out where from. More than just the cover, the premise grabbed me.

The Delcarta sisters and their mother have just moved to Iris Harbor for a fresh start away from all the memories of their father, who disappeared nine years earlier. It’s a great time to start anew because Savannah is still recuperating after major surgery to remove an aneurysm, an operation which seems to have done replaced her aneurysm with something new, a gift that is shared with her sisters.

Savannah is one of five Delcarta sisters; a set of twins with names beginning with T and a set of triplets with names beginning with S. Their ages are quite similar so their parents had a few tough years with a set of twins and then triplets not that long after.

The triplets are sixteen, which we know because Savannah spent her sweet sixteenth sleeping, very deeply in the hospital. Now that Savannah is up and about again she is being monitored closely by her protective family, and it’s driving her a little crazy because she is a girl who needs to be active.


A chance meeting on a beach jolts Savannah into recognising the gift she received in return for her aneurysm and it isn’t long before she discovers that she shares it with her sisters. I found this whole storyline to be completely unique and enthralling, not to mention intriguing – I am tempted to google and see just what I can found out, if it really is a phenomena. Savannah has been granted the gift of second sight, not really that unusual after a coma and a life threatening operation. But her sisters also gained the gift of a second sense, a different one for each of them, and they had to be connected for the sight to work for them.

Savannah find that she has more than just the gift of sight shared with her sisters, and her other gifts strengthen as the story plays out. The girls make a very valid point, and I know it would be at the forefront of my mind in that situation, if they have been given this gift why not make it clear enough that they could actually help someone, let them learn enough to make a difference. Through time and practice they do learn to be a little more intuitive and better at interpreting what they see so they can put these episodes to better use.

There were moments that I got quite a Ghost Whisperer vibe, and I absolutely loved that show, and the scenes were well written and heart-breaking. The rest of the time it was a story that required an open mind, or at least an ability to suspend disbelief.

Alongside this fantastical tale of visions, extra perception and psychic ability which was beautifully written and I don’t think would even be too hard on the sceptic to read, is a tale of family and first love with a generous helping of mystery and suspense.

Juliet Madison you have done it again, this is a compelling tale which offers a full complement of emotions to the intrepid reader. I can not wait to see which of the senses we will be able to explore next, and I wonder if any of the other sisters have extra senses we haven’t discovered yet.

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Sight is available from July 14th at Angus & Robertson, Bookworld and where all good ebooks are sold.


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