Dead And Gone

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Author: Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris certainly raised the stakes a little for Dead And Gone. A book that I really sank my fangs into, not quite an in one sitting type meal but not too far from it. Then again, if I’d had my way I would have devoured it in one sitting. There seemed to be more going on in this book, and certainly more romantic attention aimed at Sookie even though some of it was really quite subtle.

The books have taken a different fork in the road to the series so sometimes I forget that Sookie isn’t aware of how Sam feels about her, or how strongly. I am sure it came out in the open quite early in the True Blood TV series but it has never really been addressed in the novels, though it has always been there.

Dead and Gone

Bill Compton is also still hanging around, mooning like a lovesick teenager though the relationship he shared with Sookie is long since over. It seems that Sookie will always reminisce about the time she shared with Bill and he will always have a special place in her heart but they will never be together again. Sookie was burnt way too deep by that one.

Quinn makes a reappearance and immediately points out all of the men who are infatuated with Sookie, and she for the most part still doesn’t see it. He knows they had the start of something special and he’s not ready to give it up. Problem is, Sookie’s already made up her mind and he is way out of the running.

And who could forget the gorgeous blonde Viking Eric, who has finally remembered every detail of his time with Sookie when he was cursed. He has even remembered the details of the curse which makes an interesting conversation about that inevitable.

This love, well not triangle-clearly too many sides for that, situation would be enough to keep any woman on her toes and occupied. Not our Sookie, she has way too many other things on her mind to try and sort through.

Dead And Gone sees the were and shifter communities step out into the light. There has been much discussion since the vampires went public of the benefits in making themselves known. The Great Revelation hasn’t gone too badly for the vmapires so the leaders have decided it’s time.

Were and Shifter communities rally themselves to make an announcement, much the same as the vampires, on each local TV station wherein the chosen were or shifter will actually change on air. At the same time, in public places everywhere, weres and shifters who are able will change in front of their friends and family hoping for the best. The best isn’t always what you get though.

Alongside the coming out of the weres and shifters there is more unrest in the supernatural world. The fae have gone to war with each other and aren’t afraid to leave behind casualties. Sookie finds herself to be quite a valuable target in this war so is quite pleased that she has managed to save up some favours with both the vamp and the were community.

Not forgetting of course that Louisiana has recently been taken over by the Las Vegas vamps and the new hierarchy is still bein settled in to. Eric finds he is committed to spending quite a bit of time with the new leadership group so isn’t quite as available for Sookie as he would like.

Dead And Gone hasn’t wrapped up the Sookie Stackhouse story the way you would expect if the series had come to a close so I can only think that we haven’t heard the last of Sookie Stackhouse. This review is a little bittersweet for me though. I have come to the foreseeable end of the Sookie Stackouse books, I started this journey a little over five months ago and now here I am looking down the barrel of an indeterminate period without Sookie Stackhouse.

Charlaine Harris has certainly brought the town of Bon Temps and it’s surrounding relevant locations to life. Her prose is witty and attention grabbing but most of all her characters are believable, and lovable. This is a series I think every vamp fan needs to have residing in their collection.

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