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Author: Lauren Kate
ISBN: 978-037-589-6750

I fell in love with the cover of Fallen at first sight. Such intriguing and captivating cover art, I knew that the day would come that I devoured the story hidden between those covers. Now, I have finally had the chance to do exactly that and Fallen was well worth the wait. My love for the cover has expanded to encompass the characters and the story behind the cover art.

Lauren Kate has created such well written, living characters that get inside you. This story drags you in from the very first page and refuses to loosen it’s grip until the very last word, actually that’s not altogether true because I am still trapped in its clutches eagerly anticipating the next volume of the Fallen series.

fallen lauren kate

I gave a quick, very simplified description of the story to a friend yesterday and was told they should make a movie because it sounds good. I tend to agree, it would make a beautiful movie. The sets would evoke the Gothic age, all very dark and daunting, eerie and haunting. My only concern would be that no-one could create sets that would even come close to the vivid imagery described so beautifully by Lauren Kate.

Fallen is a very intriguing and mysterious novel that pieces the story together very slowly throughout its 452 pages. Every chapter leaves you trapped within the walls of the Sword & Cross School trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and work out how everything fits, and never quite getting the edges to match up properly.

The Prologue is set in 1854, a snap-shotted moment in time that is hauntingly tragic but seemingly unrelated to the story proper. It isn’t until we start seeing the bigger picture that the prologue comes into context.

Daniel Grigori, yes that is a very angelic surname so don’t be surprised that it seems very familiar, is the pinnacle of mysterious and I still haven’t managed to get a clear image of him in my mind. He is an intriguing character that we don’t get a chance to get a handle on until the final stages of Fallen. Distant and brooding, you know there is a lot more to him than meets the eye but information is a long time coming.

Lucinda Price, tortured teen heroine, enrolls at Sword & Cross School expecting to suffer the isolation from her family and her best friend and to hide from her past. It isn’t long before she discovers that her past is more than she ever could have imagined, and not  that easy to hide from. The image of her is crystal clear because she is the dark haired beauty captured on the cover.

Here you have two of our main players, two corners of the love triangle evident from the opening stages of the drama. There seems to be more at stake in this love triangle than a broken heart or two, just how important is something we will be left pondering until later in the series.

Lauren Kate has taken the angel mythology and entwined it with her story, making it her own. The full extent of this will not come clear until further into the series, Fallen only touches the surface of the angelic involvement.

The pieces of the puzzle come into focus slowly, allowing us to mull over one piece at a time. That is not to say that the story is slow, far from it. Fallen is very fast paced, there is always something happening and it all ties in. Again, it is all a matter of time before the connections become clear.

A fabulous and engrossing story that you will want to inhale in one sitting and will leave you hanging out for more.

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  1. Cant wait to read read it, I will be hurrying through the two remaining books in the Last Vampire series so that i can get my hands on this one. Sounds like the kind of book that will have me hooked with enough mystery that i wont want to put it down!

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