The Universe Parallel

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Author: Traci Harding
ISBN: 978-073-228-1243
RRP: $32.99

This just happens to be Book Two of the Triad of Being Trilogy, and I’m sure you’ve heard how I feel about starting mid series. Luckily for me, and my patience, this was quite an easy book to enjoy and get my head into even without reading book one.

The Universe Parallel is a fantasy novel incorporating large sections of our history and of our myths regarding the soul. Actually myths is the wrong word to use, it’s more that it incorporates a lot of the beliefs and theories about the soul.

Again we see the Grigori and there is mention of the Nephilim also, both of whom are amongst the choirs of angels. The Grigori are the guardians and in their natural state exist outside of time. They seem to be getting a lot of print attention just of late.


There is quite a lot of scientific content and some talk of quantum physics which requires a little extra focus, though not as much as I would have thought.

The Universe Parallel, as the title suggests, is set in parallel universes and I think quite a while into the future. A sample of a gaseous substance removed from the undiscovered planet of Oceane sets into motion a train of events culminating in a tear in the universe which hurtles one planet through the galaxy and into a parallel universe.

The two worlds collide, though not literally luckily, and it turns out that the rulers of Maladaan fear those with psychic powers and have many laws in place to ensure that all psychics are restrained and their powers restricted. Where did their journey through space leave them? In a universe where the planet that offered them aid is populated by the Chosen, a race of immortal psychics.

Maladaan was home to many psychics; many of those not imprisoned were working for the Maladaan Secret Service, under threat of losing their basic freedom. Because of this fear and persecution many people hid their psychic abilities in the hope that they could avoid both of those possibilities.

Contact with the gaseous substance discovered on Oceane also magnifies psychic ability. It seems all of these circumstances combine to ensure that all of those lucky enough to set foot on the Chosen’s planet Kila were taken aback by its beauty and acceptance of people that they quickly decided a return to Maladaan was not what they wanted.

The natures of these two races were sparked from the same creation; but still it wasn’t long before relations grew strained and war was sparked. The contingent from Maladaan and the authority figures from Kila get together to brainstorm a solution to these two major problems facing their planets.

Parallel universes running on the same timeline suggest parallel existences of souls and Traci Harding brings this suggestion into full and exciting play. Each universe has an incarnation of the same souls though in most they are oblivious to their incarnations and previous lives.

The Chosen are of course aware as they are at their highest physical plane before moving on to be with the Grigori. Those who have been in contact with the ‘Arupa Deva’, the actual name for the gaseous substance found on Oceane, have been awakened to their potential and as they spend time on Kila they begin to remember. It can be quite comical to see two incarnations of the same soul meet each other, or their lovers.

A fast paced tale that touches on so many genres and brings together so many pieces to weave a tale of mystery, intrigue, love and the inner journeys we all face to find peace within ourselves to follow the right path for us.

This is a book that I enjoyed more than I thought I would, not my usual cup of coffee and the middle of the story. Having said all of that, it grabbed me. I think the emphasis on the soul-mind group captured me.

In every incarnation, in every universe, in ever timeline these souls will be with you and something in you will recognise that there’s a connection – that is a belief that has always struck a chord with me.

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