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Author: Lauren Kate
ISBN: 978-037-589-7177

Torment is the second installment of the Fallen series, picking up right where Fallen left off. Lauren Kate has moved us to the next phase of the story without skipping a beat.

Beginning with a change of scenery, followed closely by a much more personal change for Luce, Torment has a very different feel to it than Fallen. In direct contrast to Sword & Cross School which was very dark and haunting, Luce transfers to Shoreline in California which is light and open, cheery and welcoming. Seemingly everything that Sword & Cross was not.

Shoreline is an exclusive school catering an entire program to the education of the Nephilim, a broad term for anyone with angelic blood. There are two paths of education at Shoreline, 1 exclusively for the Nephilim and a mainstream curriculum for the regular students as well as the Nephilim.


Francesca and Steven are the angelic teachers to the Nephilim, one on either side of the great divide, and a couple. They believe in teaching the students from both sides to encourage their free will and ability to make their own informed decisions.

Luce’s time at Shoreline serves to teach her a lot about herself, her past and her situation. Though it seems, at times, that for every new piece of information she receives, every answer she uncovers, a handful of new questions arise. All of the things that she was willing to take on faith and her trust in true love at the end of Fallen begin to be questioned in Torment.

The scenery for Torment is much brighter, and seemingly more conducive to happiness. This really isn’t the case for Luce, she is homesick, heartsick missing Daniel and suffering in confusion because no-one will tell her what’s going on.

The more Luce learns legitimately in her new school, where her legend precedes her, the more she tries to discover of her past with the help of her new Nephilim friends. In most instances these new discoveries come at great risk to Luce and her friends, though Luce is unaware of the danger she has placed herself in.

Every step on Luce’s road to self discovery we learn a little more, we piece together a little more of the back story and at times see more than Luce can as we see parts of Daniel’s journey as well.

It seems Luce’s  education at Shoreline was always supposed to bring her to a total awareness of herself – past incarnations and present. I predict we will discover in the final scenes that Luce is more than what she seems. There is a lot of talk of the important role Luce has to play in the everlasting war between the fallen angels on both sides, and I think she is more than a mere mortal who happened to become the lover of an angel in times long past.

Daniel too is more than he seems I think, and I don’t think we will find out just how important an angel he is until the closing scenes of the final volume. The angels Luce met and went to school with at Sword & Cross have variations of familiar angelic names and I think we will discover that a lot of the angels involved in the drama surrounding Daniel Grigori and Lucinda Price are quite important in the hierarchy.

A new male enters the picture in Torment and is quite enamored of Luce, who finds herself alone and vulnerable in a strange place. Miles is friendly and seemingly genuine, attaching himself to Luce and throwing all she thinks she knows into confusion. Another character we will need to keep an eye on, I’m sure he will turn out to be more than we expected.

A riveting and  intriguing read that will capture you from the very first word. I found it to be a gripping page turner that was fast paced and easy to read. Drawing to the close of the volume I actually stopped wanting to finish it because I know that it’s going to be a long wait for Passion, the third installment.

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