Perfectly Reflected

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Author: S.C.Ransom
ISBN: 978-0-8576-3012-4
RRP: $15.99

S.C.Ransom brings us the 2nd tale of Alex and Callum in Perfectly Reflected and manages to keep us guessing right to the very end. I wish I had the 3rd book to go straight onto but I will have to employ some patience until it’s released.

Perfectly Reflected picks up where Small Blue Thing leaves off and it certainly starts with a crash. A crash that sets the intrigue alight from the very first line and though it abates throughout the novel it is never completely cleared up. As questions are answered new ones are raised to take their place.

Small Blue Thing was a teen tale of love against the odds. Love required to overcome many obstacles. It was a tale with glimpses of darkness. Perfectly Reflected delves much deeper into the darkness and shows a decidedly more disturbing side of some of the characters we met in Small Blue Thing.

perfectly reflected

Perfectly Reflected flows with ease across the page which makes it easy to read and easy to keep up with if you only get the chance to read in short bursts. Much as I would have loved to curl up and devour this in one sitting my life doesn’t allow for that very often, so Perfectly Reflected was nibbled at slowly in 15 minute and half hour increments over the space of a week. The great thing about this book is that I didn’t need to spend the first page trying to get my head back into Alex and Callum’s story and work out where they were at, I kept up and jumped straight back in where I jumped out and that is a pretty big plus for a book in my opinion.

Alex and Callum begin the book happily together and madly in love trying to discover how they can overcome their dimensional difficulties. They soon discover that is going to be the least of their problems.

Alex is tormented by someone who knows an awful lot about her and wants to make her miserable. Strange and inexplicable things start to happen, all with the express purpose of creating misery for Alex. Who could possibly have it in for her quite that bad? Only time will tell (because I certainly won’t).

We finally get to meet Olivia and she isn’t at all what I expected. She plays a more important role in Perfectly Reflected and I have a feeling she will play an even bigger part in the third book, Scattering Like Light.

There are definite villains in Perfectly Reflected who excel in the arts of manipulation and emotional torture. Quite nasty and vindictive behaviour to have to be dealt with for a 17 year old and I would hope a little more extreme than most teens would have to deal with in the course of their lives.

An intriguing read that will keep you hooked and leave you hanging out for the conclusion of the trilogy. S.C.Ransom has written an absolute gem of love, loss and heartbreak against all odds.

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