Grave Sight

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Author: Charlaine Harris
ISBN: 978-057-507-9236
RRP: $19.99

Charlaine Harris, creator of Sookie Stackhouse, is back with a new series and it’s sure to be a hit.

Harris’s subject matter remains firmly entrenched in the paranormal but there is no sign of the supernatural creatures so prevalent in the Sookie series. For the most part Harris’s new characters are relatively average mortals – except for our heroine Harper Connolly.

Harper had the misfortune, at the tender age of 15, to be struck by lightning. It left her with some physical scars and weaknesses but more than that, it left her with a gift. A gift which allows her to find dead bodies, and when she gets close they show her the last few seconds of their life.

grave sight

Not your usual career path, granted, but it’s the way Harper has chosen to make her living. Viewed with varying degrees of fascination, fear, loathing and disgust Harper has learned that sometimes the best thing to do is get in, get the job done and get out because even though people want to hire her and get the closure they need it doesn’t stop their underlying fear and loathing shining through once they’ve received their answers.

Opting for a life of travel with her step-brother Tolliver, following the bookings and delivering closure to people who desperately need it Harper doesn’t have many personal attachments. And in her line of work she sees, all to often, what can happen to a woman who trusts the wrong man.

Again Harris has created a heroine who has an extremely strong connection with her brother, in this case step-brother, and this is pretty much all the family they have. Come to think about it, the brothers in both series also share a few similarities.

Harper’s gift has left her vulnerable, to people’s horrible opinions and fear which sometimes becomes violent. The other legacies of her lightning strike are the physical and emotional scars it has left behind and they are a lot of the reason Harper is so dependent on Tolliver.

Thrown together as teens by the attachment and ensuing marriage of her mother and his father Harper and Tolliver took on most of the responsibility for the house and family as teens which cemented their bond.

Tolliver fulfills many roles in his travels with Harper; bodyguard, manager, chauffeur, and emotional pillar of strength. Harper is totally dependent on his support and strength, not being able to conceive of a time when they aren’t living so closely so when he is imprisoned she becomes quite anxious about how she will manage without him.

Grave Sight sees the pair travel to a little tourist town in the Ozarks to find a missing local teen, believed deceased. They find more than they ever would have bargained for in this little town where it seems that everyone is connected and everyone is out to get them.

Priding themselves on their ability to get in, get the job done and get out fast without getting involved any deeper than the job requires, this job is different. They can’t seem to get out of town and when they do they get summoned straight back. But no-one seems to want them in town.

Someone is going to great lengths to keep their secrets exactly that. Harper and Tolliver’s continued presence in town is making that seem highly unlikely which puts their lives in danger.

Filled to the brim with twists and connecting stories Grave Sight will keep you interested to the very last page.

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