Author Interview: Nicole Flockton

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Escape Publishing launched not that long ago and it has given me many opportunities to read new authors, and find out more about them in Beauty and Lace interviews. The latest in that long list is Nicole Flockton, author of the February Escape release ‘Bound By Her Ring’.

What made you decide to pursue writing as a career?

I have to say I think I kind of fell into it. When I was pregnant with my daughter I found the forum. I formed friendships and a group of us started an offshoot story from one of their online reads. Then I participated in a couple of weekend writes and well the bug hit and so I started my first manuscript from there. Looking back I believe the urge to write was always inside of me it just needed a trigger and the right timing for me to embrace it.

Your latest release is ‘Bound By Her Ring’, can you tell us a little about the book?

Bound is the first manuscript I’d written. It underwent a lot of changes from it’s very first draft but the bones of the story are from that first draft. It’s a story about revenge, blackmail, reunion, amnesia and finding a trust that’s been lost.  Luciano believes his wife has done the unthinkable and after putting actions in motion the time has come to confront her for an explanation. He’s bent on revenge and making her pay. Unfortunately Jasmine had a car accident and has lost all her memories of Luciano and their marriage. She still wears her wedding rings as they are tangible proof that she did commit to someone and she’s very troubled that she can’t remember him. One thing that is still true for both of them is their desire for each other. Together they have to rebuild a trust that’s lost and is their love is strong enough to overcome it all.

Bound By Her Ring was published by Escape Publishing and you have an upcoming release with Crimson Romance. What’s it like writing for 2 publishers?

I like having two publishers – it’s giving my writing some variety. My books with Crimson are of a medical theme and the heroes are Alpha but not as much as Luciano is in Bound. It gives me an opportunity to spread my writing wings. I really love the strong Alpha so I definitely want to write more of those type of books. I think I target two different types of markets as well, which can only be a good thing – I hope.

What inspires your stories?

Usually a scene hits me and I wonder what is happening and why the characters are doing what they’re doing. I write down what has come to me and then I leave it, usually because I’m working on something else. Then I’ll go back and think and see what happens. For instance with Bound, I had  a picture of a woman standing in a gorgeous dress in a roomful of people but she was alone. So I had to find out what was going on.

Can you tell us a little about your writing process, are you a plotter or a let the characters take the story where they will author?

I’m definitely a pantser. I’ve tried plotting but usually I feel a little bored with the story and can’t move on. So generally the characters will lead the way. When I was writing my Crimson June release all of a sudden my heroine blurted out this secret that I had no idea she had. I really like it when that happens because it adds an element to the story that I may not have had if I’d totally plotted the whole thing out. Of course that doesn’t help when you’re trying to get a proposal together and you need a synopsis written!

nicole flockton

Have you got a favourite place or time of day to write?

I have no set routine but I’m pretty flexible where and when I write. My kids were doing a course late last year, I would take the iPad with me and get down a few words.  Same as when we visited the pool last summer. Even sitting in the living room with the TV and the family sitting around I can get words down.

Is there something new you’re working on that you can tell us about?

I’m currently working on another story for Crimson, the story is about Phoebe, a character from Masquerade. She also appears in my June story so now it’s time for her to get her HEA. I’m also reviewing a couple of short stories which I’m hoping to whip into shape to send to Escape.

You were one of the 30 Escape authors involved in An Escape Love Story, can you tell us a little about the premise?

Oh I loved being involved in “An Escape Love Story” it was a lot of fun. The premise was a cute meet, told in the heroine’s point of view and we could take it any direction we wanted. I was familiar with the concept as I had previously participated in similar sort of stories on years ago.

How did you find it adding only 200 words into the middle of a story?

I was fairly close to the beginning so we all go to see the first few posts so that we could see what was being added in. At first I was like, what the heck am I going to do. But then when I re-read what came before me I sat and thought a bit about it and then started typing. It’s a great way to flex the mind and have a little fun and also to torment the person coming after you! I love how the story has turned out.

What does being a woman mean to you?

I’m going to be totally truthful and say I don’t know. I like being a woman and all that it entails.


Thank you so much for your time Nicole, it was great learning a little more about you.

Thanks Michelle, I had a great time – thanks for having me.

 If the idea of An Escape Love Story intrigues you then head over to Escape Publishing and check it out.
To find out more about Nicole’s writing and buy her books visit her on the web at:

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