eBook Review: Drawing Closer

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Author: Jenny Schwartz
eISBN: 9780857990075
eRRP: AU$1.19

Generally I am not a huge fan of short stories, only because I prefer something I can really sink my teeth into and short stories are more of a bite sized snack. Having said that, I put any preconceived ideas aside and embarked on the Escape titles.

I have heard it said that short stories can be more challenging to write because you still require all of the elements of a good book in a much smaller word count. Drawing Closer is 10,000 words which is 60 pages to meet and fall in love with the characters and understand their motivation.

Drawing Closer is about Zoe and Nick, two close friends who share a workspace, and a secret attraction. Their friendship began many years before the story begins, as did their attraction. This friends to lovers story isn’t about how their feelings evolve so much as how they build the courage to do something about it.

Zoe combines her passion for Nick and painting with sketchbooks full of hot, naked Nick in poses she can only dream of. She has seen the string of women in his past and feels far from competitive, little does she know the only reason he refrains is respect for Zoe and her family. This scenario is not unique, it’s a situation many of us can relate to in hindsight, what sets Nick and Zoe apart is the appearance of a gold digging spectre from Nick’s past intent on blackmail.

Nick is willing to risk his chance with Zoe to protect those he loves from the blackmail fallout but an overheard conversation kicks Zoe’s protective instincts into gear and sheds a whole new light.

This is no epic love story with a happily ever after, there’s no time for that, but it is a lovely light romance that ends on an extreme high for our loved up heroes. It is a perfect contemporary romance snack for readers after a quick pick me up sure to produce a smile.

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