Twilight’s Dawn

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Author: Anne Bishop
ISBN: 978-073-229-0955
RRP: $22.99

Anne Bishop is the award-winning author of thirteen novels, including the Black Jewels trilogy. Twilight’s Dawn is her latest offering and a Black Jewels book. And I think I have to leave it at book because it is described differently depending on where you look; sometimes it’s a book of short stories, sometimes a novel.

Twilight’s Dawn is four separate tales set in the world of the Black Jewels books, all of them revolving around the SaDiablo family. The timeline for the tales is quite linear and they seem to mesh quite seamlessly, whether this is just because Twilight’s Dawn is my introduction to Anne Bishop I can’t be sure.

twilights dawn

For those who are familiar with the Black Jewels trilogy, and related books, each of the four parts of Twilight’s Dawn has it’s own title and on the title page there is a brief sentence stating when the events happen in relation to the rest of the books which I thought was wonderful and would be very helpful to someone who has read the rest of the series.

If, like me, you are new to Anne Bishop and the Black Jewels books this is still quite easy to follow and get wrapped up in. Yes, there are things that have happened that you’re not sure about but they don’t detract from the experience or the enjoyment.

Twilight’s Dawn is filled with different races and creatures which will have your imagination working overtime drawing pictures of them all in your head, all of them have an area of great talent it seems and there is quite a defined hierarchy in place which is explained by a short description before you start the book.

Anne Bishop has a flowing and fun writing style that will capture your concentration and take you away, only to emerge hours later wondering what happened to the world while you were gone.

Daemon is double natured, which is the only way I can really explain it, and a lot of who you deal with has to do with the mood and tone of the interaction which I did find threw me a little occasionally – it just takes a bit of time to get the head around. He is one of the central characters throughout the book.

Winsol Gifts begins soon after Daemon becomes the ruler of Dhemlan Territory and is exploring his new responsibilities and roles within the family. He is learning a lot about the way things are done and they why’s of it all as he begins new traditions to see his family through the¬† holidays.

Lucivar is Daemon’s half brother and he is more the focus of Shades of Honour. The territory he rules is filled with different races and the race he is from is in the minority. Not everyone agrees that this is as it should be and Lucivar faces competition for his position.

Daemon and Lucivar share a father – The High Lord of Hell, and that is where their shared heritage ends. These two come from very different races and so bristle against one another constantly though never to the point that the family is weakened. Family is a story which tells of how family become family when they share no blood, or race, but they are family nonetheless.

The High Lord’s Daughter comes full circle, almost, and spans decades though still focusing on Daemon and those he holds dearest. He has lost the love of his life and needs to fulfill the promise he made to her in her last days.

These characters are vivid and lovable, they are fantastical but they are real. These people have suffered in ways that we don’t ever want anyone we love to suffer, we empathise with them and cheer on their recovery and renewed strength.

Twilight’s Dawn is a book that ties up a lot of loose ends and answers a lot of questions for fans of the Black Jewels trilogy, but that doesn’t mean it is a conclusion. The day may come when these characters decide there is more to share about their lives in the Realms. I, for one, am looking forward to that day!

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