Rogue Gadda

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Author: Nicole Murphy
ISBN: 978-0-7322-9163-1
RRP: $22.99

Rogue Gadda was a great weekend affair for me and I am a little sad it’s over, but at least I know that I can go back and start from the beginning because I missed out on Book One first time round.

This is Book Three of a trilogy and it does close off the storyline and tie up some loose ends, which is fabulous, but it is also open enough that a new storyline could open up for these same characters. It is also a story that stands on it’s own two feet quite well if you are not familiar with what came before.

Four hundred and eight pages flew by while the world outside seemed to fade away. It has been a while since I read Power Unbound, a very long while actually, so the events and the characters were basically brand new to me. This did nothing to detract from my enjoyment in the story or distance my involvement with the characters.

Rogue Gadda features a lot of the same core characters I met in Power Unbound as well as some brand new lead characters. Ione, Stephen and Jack are here and play vital roles, as are Maggie and Lucas.

rogue gadda

Book Three of the Dream of Asarlai trilogy centres around the ongoing search for Blair Callaghan and The Forbidden Texts. The guardians are chasing down even the most tenuous lead in the hopes that something will lead them closer to The Forbidden Texts before any more harm befalls the gadda.

Hampton Rourke, Sabhamir of the gadda – translating to the one in the most danger – watched his mother suffer in her love for his father because of the danger of his position and has decided that the life of the Sabhamir needs to be one of solitude, believing it is unfair to allow any romantic attachment to cause pain to a woman who loves him.

The hunt for The Forbidden Texts takes him to Boston where he meets an unknown gadda with little training and discovers she has an extreme dislike and distrust of the power and all things gadda. How will the undeniable attraction these two feel for one another pan out?

I really don’t want to put any spoilers in here so I’m trying to be very careful what I say!

Rogue Gadda gives us another large look into the beliefs and the history of the gadda as Charlotte learns about Sclossin and the gadda in order to make her decisions. Modern technology is weaved into the story so well that it makes it extremely plausible to think that the gadda could be out there, or in here, and we would never even realise it.

Nicole’s storytelling is vivid and vibrant creating a technicolour movie playing through my mind as I read her words and as I think back on the book I see flashes of scenes rather than words scrolling across a page.

Rogue Gadda is a tale of many things and tells its story gloriously but when I think now about the book my first thought is that it’s a book about love conquering your fears and allowing you to open your mind to new opportunities and unforeseen directions.

I can not wait to see what Nicole Murphy has in store for us next!

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