Misguided Angels

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Author: Melissa de la Cruz
ISBN: 9781905654758

Melissa de la Cruz has brought us the new eagerly awaited volume in the Blue Bloods series with Misguided Angel. Here we follow three separate stories in this fast paced, easy to read installment.

The Young, Fabulous and Fanged haven’t had the best of years. They are all feeling a little less than fabulous and have had to grow up way too fast. The events at the end of The Van Alen Legacy have left the Coven severely understaffed and without a leader. Mimi Force is named Regent in an unprecedented move, she may be a powerful angel but in this cycle she is still only 17 and trying to complete her last year at Duchesne.

misguided angels

Misguided Angel follows Mimi and her running of the Coven, the decimated ranks of the Conclave after the bonding disaster and the new threat of exposure via Internet. All an awful lot for a 17yr old to try and juggle when she should still be living up her last year at school and making the most of being young, fabulous and fanged.

Storyline number 2 follows Jack and Schuyler, finally together and living their love in the open. Schuyler has taken on the Van Alen Legacy and is following Lawrence’s notes as she tries to track down the Seven Gates of Hell protecting the entrance to the Paths of the Dead.

Together at last Jack and Schuyler are happy, even in the trying times they face, but at what cost? Their love will have consequences, they have broken the sacred blood bond. Does Jack return to Mimi and take his punishment? Or should Jack and Schuyler remain outcast, trying to outrun the bounty hunters sent to bring Jack to justice?

Scattered throughout the chapters is also a seemingly unrelated mini storyline set in 1452. The significance of these glimpses into the past will not be made known until the final chapters where everything ties together.

An enjoyable and easy read that takes us further into the lives of the privileged Blue Bloods and the current threats they face to their way of life and very existence. It will leave you with a thirst for more and hungering for the sixth installment due for release in 2011.

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