Spinning Out

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Author: Christine Darcas
ISBN: 978-073-362-4964
RRP: $32.99

Spinning Out is the easy-to-read; and at times even easier to relate to; story of 33 year old Ginny Kerr and her journey of self discovery. Christine Darcas explores relationships in all forms in this novel and how they shape us.

Ginny is made redundant from her advertising position in New York and ends up in bed with her ex who burnt her very badly but who she never quite managed to get over. What better reason is there to travel halfway across the globe to visit your best friend for a 3 month holiday in Australia?

spinning out

In Australia Ginny finds herself truly escaping from the life she made in New York. She immerses herself in supporting her best friend Eloise and falling back into the old routines they shared when they lived together in new York. And then Ginny meets Sophie, a 40-something taking Latin American dance classes, who encourages her to take up classes as a fun, social activity that happens to be great exercise.

This is when we discover just how badly Ginny was burnt as a teenager when she auditioned for a place in a prestigious ballet school. The rejection was demoralising, heartbreaking  and pushed Ginny to turn her back on dance completely because though she was good she would never make it – her build was all wrong for ballet. This is where the worst of the issues between Ginny and her mother began.

Lots of encouragement, and a little manipulation, by Eloise saw them both enrol in classes together. Ginny rediscovered her passion for the act of dancing and with that began rediscovering herself, learning to respect herself. It didn’t hurt that she met a man and they fell in love. But such a lot of new dilemmas that created for her. Do you follow your heart and move permanently halfway across the world for a man you’ve known 3months, hoping things will work out? Or do you throw away what could be the chance at a wonderful life with a man you love for a career you’re not sure you want anymore?

Sit back and ride with Ginny as she learns independence and makes the decision to do things her way, against the advice of those she loves best and then finds herself wholly dependent on those same people. Watch her hit rock bottom and slowly work her way back up with support she never would have expected.

The way back from tragedy sees Ginny looking at things differently and analysing issues from her past. This analysis leads to a very different relationship with her mother where they are both able to grow into the women they were destined to be. Barb, Ginny’s mother, is finally able to put herself first and be a woman; more than just Ginny’s mum. They are able to work through the past and realise the potential of their relationship, proving that it’s never too late. Ginny discovers that she can be a dancer and it’s the act of dancing that brings her back to life, ballet isn’t the be all and end all of dance.

Spinning Out is the story of Ginny’s life spiraling out of control and being reigned back in through re-evaluation and perseverance. A story that had me reaching for the tissues, cheering Ginny on and applauding her determination. A most enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning trapped in the car.

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