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Author: Kevin Hearne
ISBN: 978-0-7322-9291-1
RRP: $22.99

Atticus and Oberon are back in this second volume of The Iron Druid Chronicles. Hexed is as fast paced and enjoyable as Hounded but with more nudity. Pretty much all quite PG nudity, and there’s no pictures, but it’s nudity all the same.

Hearne writes with humour ingrained in every line which means that regardless of how serious a scene is you will still be entertained. The conversations that take place between Atticus and Oberon never fail to give me a giggle (even if it is sometimes an inappropriate giggle).

I have always thought that dogs have a very distinct personality of their own, and mine certainly does. So to read The Iron Druid Chronicles and get inside Oberon’s head is an attractive thought as well as quite amusing.


Oberon exudes personality, and it’s a quirky personality with great intelligence and enthusiasm so his conversations with Atticus always contain something that will amuse – and his vocabulary is amazing!

Hexed brings back all of the characters we started getting to know in Hounded, well all of those who survived the tale anyway, and helps us get to know them a little better – learn a little more about their long history’s because they are all quite long lived.

Atticus is old by any definition, even if he does look like a 21yr old College kid as opposed to a 21 Century old Druid, and in a life that long it’s no surprise he has crossed paths with some seriously dangerous creatures – some of whom he is about to meet again. Not only is he old, he’s paranoid too and he proves that sometimes it pays to be paranoid. Atticus is no fan of witches and very paranoid about what they could do with a sample of his hair or a drop of his blood.

Hexed sees Atticus put in a position where he needs to play nice with the witches, some of them anyway, because the witch faction of Tempe has just suffered a population explosion, and not with white witches who want to serve the community either.

If the witches aren’t enough to keep Atticus occupied, he is fast becoming a favoured plaything between two gorgeous Celtic goddesses as well as training an apprentice and trying to track down all the demons released from Hell in Hounded that managed to escape. Yes, this does make for a very busy Atticus but it doesn’t mean he loses his sense of humour. Quite the opposite actually, his witty one liners seem to flow more freely.

Hexed is a great read to curl up with on a winter weekend and lose yourself in the lives of Atticus and Oberon. I can’t wait until I can get Hammered next month!


2 thoughts on “Hexed

  1. Do you know.. when I was reading Hounded, I so wanted Atticus to sleep with the Morrigan? Then after she slept with him in Hexed, I was like ‘Ooh! That’s gotta hurt!’

    Poor Atticus. I Hounded, Hexed and Hammered in 4 days.

    Love the series!

    I actually really want Atticus to fall for Granuaile…

  2. haha yeah thats the way it was.

    I can certainly see Atticus and Granuaile together and I think they are dancing around it at the moment. They are both keen, interesting to see how long it takes them to realise it. 🙂

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