Guest Post: Lauren Dawes

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Lauren Dawes is gearing up for the release of book two in her Dark Series titled Dark Desire. In the lead up to the release we invited Lauren over to tell us a little about herself and her work.

Welcome to Beauty and Lace Lauren.

Splitting the love story…

First of all, a huge thanks to Beauty and Lace for having me on as a guest. I thought I’d start off with a little about myself. I’m a 31-year-old mum of one and army wife. I was born in South Africa, but grew up in Sydney with my parents and brother. I’ve traveled the world and worked in a few different jobs, too, but writing by far is my favorite!

In my latest novel, “Dark Desire”, I have the usual (and much loved) fighting, blood-letting and revenge. But I also have something else between the pages that differs from my first book “Dark Deceit” and that is a dual-running love story. Was this my intention going into the book? Not at all. As many authors will tell you, sometimes their characters simply hijack the plot and make it work for them. Yep, characters can be quite selfish sometimes!


Having two love stories made it a little trickier for me. I had to carefully consider what kind of relationship each couple had, and ensure that I wasn’t just writing the same thing for both. After all, there are many different kinds of love.

For some characters, their love is based on immediate attraction and passion. It’s a turbulent ride, and at the end one, if not both, of the people involved could be banged up and bruised. Both participants throw themselves head-first into it. They give every last ounce of their heart and soul to the other person, regardless of how hurt they could be later on down the road.

There’s the kind of love that grows from friendships. These relationships are slower-paced and “sweeter” in a way. The only risk people make with this kind of relationship is whether or not their friendship can survive on the other side. If anything, this uninhibited delving into the unknown actually strengthens their bond, rather than breaks it.

And then there’s the kind of love that hides behind hate and peers out from behind the relative safety of denial. This is the frustrating and torturously addictive kind of love that leaves a reader hanging out for the one time that the hate crumbles at the feet of realization. It’s that one moment when all the sexual tension and electrically-charged words give way to the rush of passion being denied by one or both of the characters.

In “Dark Desire”, two of my characters share this sweeter kind of relationship. Mason and Eir were always destined to have a romantic relationship. It’s a soft, nurturing love born from their combined losses and the determination to fix each other.

Mason is a human bouncer working at the Valkyries’ club. He’s had his fair share of soul-shredding guilt and desperation. His wounds are old, but no less potent than the day they happened. Eir is the goddess of healing and is still suffering from the loss of her twin sister at the hands of a deranged god. She wears grief like a second skin, allowing it to weigh her down.

With this relationship, I loved playing with the dynamic of a human and goddess falling in love. Mason’s softer side perfectly complements Eir’s fragility. I often wondered how it would work. Would the relationship be condemned from the very beginning? After all, a goddess is immortal, and a human is, well, not. The question that always gets raised is ‘Would it be worth it?’ The small part of me that is a romantic would say yes. It’s better to know and experience love and be loved than never knowing what it was.

9781760081867_Dark Desire_cover

My protagonist Taer is the other character with a more ‘love-to-hate’ love story running parallel to Mason and Eir’s. In my original first couple of drafts, Taer was going to a have a human love interest. I soon cut that away and introduced infuriatingly sexy Aubrey who just seems to push Taer’s buttons in all the wrong ways. Their relationship didn’t quite seem complete without the sexual tension ratcheting up between them.

I think the reason these two characters work so well together is because Taer is so focused on getting her revenge that when she meets Aubrey, her feelings blind-side her and she can’t deny how he makes her feel. Although her rage is fierce, he seems to get past her defenses and her internal infatuation both distracts and provides clarity for her.

Out of the kinds of love I’ve mentioned, I think I like to write about the ‘love to hate you’ kind. It’s always more fun when there’s an obstacle in the way – even if that obstacle is my character’s own stubbornness.

If you’re curious about my books “Dark Deceit” is available now with “Dark Desire” being unleashed onto the world on November 25th. Love the Norse gods? You don’t want to miss this series.

For more about Lauren and her work you can find her at Lauren and Facebook.

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