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Author: Tricia Stringer
ISBN: 9781489261502
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 15 April 2019
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Tricia Stringer is an author I have loved since first reading her work a couple of years ago, and I have tried to keep up since then. I think her debut is still the only one I have yet to read.

I read Something In The Wine very early in the month but life has been kicking my butt of late and so it’s been tricky to find time to get anything done, I managed to get a lot of reading done but that was at the expense of writing reviews. I’m pleased to say I’m almost caught up, I’m not happy to say that it was books that I really loved that I’m trying to review very much later.

Keely Mitchell is a high school teacher taking some time out for a well earned holiday on the coast of Western Australia. Keely is the daughter of school teachers, who seem to be quite over protective. I get the feeling Keely has been well nurtured and sheltered, she doesn’t seem the adventurous type but this holiday is taking her right out of her comfort zone. It certainly doesn’t help that she seems to be running away from recent events, that we don’t actually find out about until very late in the piece.

A three month sabbatical travelling up the coast of Western Australia from Perth is Keely’s plan, and that’s about as far as she’s planned. On her first night out she suffers a medical emergency; waking groggy and pained post-op in the hospital after major surgery. Not only that but it seems the bag she had with her was taken and she is left stranded with no ID, no phone and money.

The kindly older man she was seated with on the plane had left her his number and an offer of help if ever she needed it. Keely never intended to use the number but the situation she finds herself in leaves her few choices, because she refuses to head home before she has even begun.

Something In The Wine was a story that I really enjoyed, the characters were well formed even though they were frustrating a lot of the time. Many of the issues could have been sorted much easier with conversation.

The insight into the wine industry was fascinating, even for one who doesn’t drink wine. It really is the perfect combination of science and art I think.

Stringer paints her locations vividly and really helps us escape the cold wintry days we’re facing now for a warm West Australian vineyard.

A well told story that highlights some of the issues facing teachers as well as the wine industry: with a little romance, a neighbourly feud and new beginnings. I gave it 4 stars and looks forward to hearing what our members thought.

Available now from Harlequin and where all good books are sold.

Tricia can be found at Tricia and Facebook.

Thanks to Harlequin 15 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will be reading Something in the Wine so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Something in the Wine

  1. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Harlequin books for this copy of Something in the Wine to read and review.

    This is my first read from author Tricia Stringer and I will be sure to read more after enjoying this book.

    I found it a very easy read right from the start and Keely was a lovely character to follow on her journey to W.A. where she finds herself at the beautiful winery,
    Levallier Dell belonging to the generous Euan and his son Flynn Levallier.
    The father and sons relationship was turbulant but Keely makes herself at home while recuperating from her emergency operation, enjoying the beauty and serenity that surrounds her at the winery. The author describes this perfectly so you can envision the surroundings.
    Even though I do not know much about wine I found the insight into the wine industry very interesting.

    It was hard to put this book down as I wanted to see where the story lead and I wasn’t disappointed.
    I recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy read exploring the gorgeous Australia scenery.

  2. Something In The Wine what a great book it was well written.
    A lady called Keely goes on holiday and ends up having a adventure of a life time and working out her problems about her self along the way.

  3. Something in the wine is another great read by Tricia Stringer.

    Set in the beautiful south west coast of Australia, it really is about the wine!

    Keeley Mitchell travels to WA for a well-deserved holiday but after an emergency operation, finds herself recuperating on a wine making property owned by father and son, Euan and Flynn Levallier.

    I loved the authors’ enticing description of the area and insight into wine making. She cleverly draws out her characters, and leaves the reader intrigued; I found it very hard to put the book down. Beautiful scenery, wine, romance and a family feud – what more does a good book need!

    Thank you, Beauty and Lace and Harlequin books, for the opportunity to read and review this delightful book.

  4. I just devour Tricia Stringer books. They are always so incredibly researched, ad I love the way they are so ‘real’.
    This was just another great example of what a talented Australian Author she is. They also make you realise, as the story unfolds, that sometimes things we assume, snippets of conversations we overhear, are so misconstrued, and lead to heartache.
    This great story was no exception, and once the main characters stopped listening to gossip, friendships are re-formed, love grows, and happiness endures.
    If you enjoy stories set in our very own wide land, you will love this as much as I did.
    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Harlequin books, for the opportunity to read this book, and to Tricia Stringer for another fabulous page turner.!

  5. Tricia Stringer is a great Australian author who sets her novels in outback Australia. This book is no exception, set in southwest Western Australia. The book gives a great insight into the winemaking industry, as well as the difficulties of running a family business. As usual, the author adds in the classic romance drama, and family politics.
    I really enjoyed this latest book from Tricia Stringer. It is a easy holiday read with enough twists and turns to keep you from putting the book down!

  6. I really enjoyed Something in the Wine by Trish Stringer the first of hers that I have read although I have many others in my to be read pile.
    Keely is a young high school teacher on her first solo adventure from S.A visiting W.A – her first night sees her suffering an illness that subsequently leads her to the Margaret River district and the local vineyards. We have family feuds, neighbors feuds and romance which makes it a nice easy read. 4 stars from me

  7. Something in the Wine by Tricia Stringer was an easy and interesting read. Tricia Stringer’s knowledge and obvious research into the wine making process and industry, shows throughout the story sparking a real learning curve. I love that the story was set locally in the South West of Australia and that the characters were all “real” and believable.
    The story line was easy to follow, my only gripe being that some earlier information from certain characters gave away the ending, or at least made it easy to guess. All in all a great read! Highly recommended.

  8. I absolutely adored Something In the wine by Tricia Stringer.
    Having read her previous novels I was eagerly awaiting this one and it definitely didnt disappoint .
    I love a great Australian set storyline and Something In The Wine is set mostly in Soth Western Western Australia but starts in South Australia where we find Keely, a young high school teacher, deciding to set off of her first solo adventure.
    Wine making features highly in this novel and is has been obviously well researched by author Tricia Stringer.
    After an emergency operation Keely finds herself recuperating on a property owned and run by a father son duo Eoun and Flynn Levallier.
    Full of romance , family fueds and drama, I highly recommend Something In The Wine for an engrossing read.
    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Harlequin Books for allowing me to read and review this great novel.

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