Blood Song

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Author: Rhiannon Hart
ISBN: 978-1-74275-096-5
RRP: $18.95

The Australian YA fantasy scene has a new author for the must watch list in the fresh young Rhiannon Hart. The debut offering of this young star is a fabulous read and right down my genre!

The moment this book made it onto my pile I wanted to read it, I wanted to start it straight away but sometimes that’s not possible. The cover art is absolutely gorgeous, it caught my eye and captured my attention which is always a good start. Everything about the cover, the blurb and the title call vampires to mind and that wouldn’t be all together wrong.

The Lharmellians share many characteristics with vampires though they aren’t a total traditional match, which is fine because Hart has created a whole new world for her Lharmell series. A world that, to me, has a bit of a medieval feel to it but is rich with colour and life. Lharmellians are quite vampiric in nature but the Harmings – half human half Lharmellian – are something altogether new. They share some characteristics with vamps like the blood hunger and alabaster skin but largely they are a totally new construct of Hart’s imagination and I like that!

blood song

Zeraphina is the 16 year old 2nd daughter of Queen Renata, not old enough to marry off and destined not to inherit the kingdom being the 2nd daughter. She is a princess in name but prefers to spend her time practicing archery in the company of her pets Leap the car and Griffin the eagle. Recently she has begun to suffer bouts of a strange illness that she is too afraid to tell anyone of because the symptoms are far from normal for anything she has heard of before and they call her to the North.

Blood Song begins with Lilith engaged until her love is killed in a hunting accident, Lilith goes into mourning which is a state not long to be tolerated by pushy Queen Renata. The welfare of her entire kingdom rests on Lilith being well married, and soon, but Lilith has her heart set against the idea regardless of the letters sent out advertising her availability.

As I sit and think back on the book while I write this I think consequent books in the Lharmell series will show that there is more to that whole situation than meets the eye. Blood Song does not contain a great deal of back story in the world building and that’s okay. You know what you need to know to understand and enjoy the story and it feels to me like the backstory will be revealed as the story progresses and the histories become relevant.

Blood Song is a story that captivated me right from the beginning. It is fantasy for a younger audience so the language is simple and the characters are quite relatable with teens the world over.

I can feel a love story brewing over the next few books between Zeraphina and best friend of Lilith’s newly betrothed prince Rodden; after a rocky start they begin to feel a closeness as they share some important characteristics.

A great first offering that has left me hungering for the sequel!

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