You’re the One that I don’t Want

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Author: Alexandra Potter
ISBN: 978-144-470029-9
RRP: $32.99

A hilarious, feel good chic lit read that actually had me laughing out loud. Well written and really easy to read you will find yourself immersed in the story and identifying with the characters. Seriously, who hasn’t got an ex in the past that you have random ‘what if’ moments about, the One that all others are measured up against?

It’s 1999 when two teenagers spending the summer in Venice meet and fall in love surrounded by the romance and history that is Venice. The passion and new physical reactions that are first love are so new and so intense. It feels like it has to last forever. So when faced with the fast approaching close of Summer our young lovers hear of a legend that will tie them together in everlasting love. Who wouldn’t take the chance that this may actually keep their long distance love alive.

youre the one that i dont want

Nate and Lucy return to their homes on opposite sides of the world with all the promises of how they will make a long distance relationship work, all the ways of staying in touch. And it works, for a while,  but eventually the distance is too great and the big romance fizzles out.

We meet Lucy again 10 years later and living in New York, still single because basically no-one measures up. She had her chance, she met the One – her soulmate, the only man who can make her truly happy. And she let him go, so though there will be men in her life none will last because her One and only has been and gone.

So when Lucy comes across Nate in New York the memories of their love are renewed and within hours they are madly in love again and destined to spend eternity together, as the legend foretold.  What a fairy tale, now we just need the happy ending; except that’s where it all falls apart. It seems 10 years is an awfully long time and a lot can change in that time, people change a lot in that time. Turns out that they’re nothing alike and don’t want to be anywhere near each other.

What do you do when you’ve decided he’s not really the one but you can’t get rid of him? There is only so far you can go believing in coincidence when it seems the universe is out to keep you together. Travel with Lucy as she tries everything to undo the effects of one brief lovestruck moment in Venice. Laugh, cry and totally identify with the characters in this book that will catch you and not let go. At times a little predictable but still with enough twists to keep you guessing.

A real twist on the whole myth that every person has one soulmate and when you meet them you will know. Also a nice narrative of what happens with the ‘what if’ guy. Everyone has one and sometimes you find that it’s the ideal you’ve been hung up on and not the person.

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