Playing With Fire

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Author: Katie MacAlister
ISBN: 978-034-099302-6
RRP: $19.99

A well written easy to read novel about the Silver Dragons. A fabulous escape back into the world of the dragons, Playing with Fire takes us back to the beginning.

Fast paced action with May Northcott on the run from the Otherworld law for a theft ordered by the demon lord she’s bound to sees her crossing paths with the gorgeous leader of the Silver dragons and discovering she’s his mate.

playing with fire

Dragons finding their mate leads to quite a lot of mating, detailed quite descriptively through the text. The course of true dragon love never seems to run smooth so we also have a lot of soul searching and arguing of the undeniable bond forged almost instantaneously when dragons and their mates meet.

There’s a little of everything in here: action, romance, violence and humour – lots of giggles to be had within these covers. There’s also a little bit of everyone – we have dragons, demons, doppelgangers, mortals, mages, imps, and elemental beings. So you can brush up on your mythical creatures while you’re at it.

An exciting and interesting place to run away and escape to for a while where it seems anything is possible.  Gabriel even has an Aboriginal heritage so we have some Australian history.

Katie MacAlister brings us totally into the world she has created and integrated seamlessly with the one we live in. So that when Playing with Fire finishes we are left itching to lose ourselves in Up in Smoke which is the next instalment of this series.

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