The Perfect Lie

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Author: Emily Barr
ISBN: 978-075-535-1336
RRP: $32.99

Lucy has been hiding from her past since she was a teenager and knows she may have to start over again at any time. Without meaning to she falls in love but a simple heroic moment sees her packing up and leaving without a trace. Her name was originally Marianne until she first needed to disappear, and this story is told beautifully from the perspective of both her past and present. It all ties together and as her motives are uncovered you will find a horrific past and a scared young girl.

the perfect lie

She is not a criminal but the lines are blurred, and the person she is hiding from is far worse than a simple detective. You can’t keep running forever, and eventually her past catches up to her. Lucy finds her strength to fight for the young Marianne inside her whose innocence was lost, and it all comes to a conclusion after 20 years of fear and loathing.

Her journey takes us through the quiet countryside, the hustle and bustle of busy London and the beautiful but sometimes intimidating Venice, where English is a second language and vulnerable tourists can be preyed upon.

There is just the right combination of characters, and at times I found it hard to put this book down, especially when reading about Marianne, her brother and mother.

If you are looking for an upbeat chic lit, this isn’t it…instead it is a very touching, damaged and remarkable journey that will make you want to lock up your daughters.

One thought on “The Perfect Lie

  1. hmmm, I really wanna read this i think. Can we pencil me in some time for it at some point this decade…
    Sounds confronting and and engrossing. I’m intrigued

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