Grave Secret

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Author: Charlaine Harris
ISBN: 978-057-508-5565
RRP: $22.99

The final chapter of the Grave series is very aptly named. Grave Secret is hiding a rather large secret that will slowly reveal itself over the last 50 or so pages then hit you hard with the twist right in the dying moments of the book.

But that’s the end of the book, of which I will say no more because I don’t want to ruin anything, so I apologise for starting at the end but I’ve only just finished and it kind of threw me a curve ball which I am still trying to process.

The timeline for the Grave series has all been quite fluid with one book moving almost directly on from the next. There always seem to be at least a couple of references to the big case from the previous book and how much time has passed since then.

Grave Secret takes us deeper into the past than we’ve ever been before and gives us a much clearer insight into the upbringing that Tolliver and Harper shared with their siblings in the trailer in Texarkana.

grave secret

Throughout the series there have been snapshot looks at that time in their lives but in Grave Secret we delve much further into that time. Also, the job that Harper has been called in for is in the same general area as their upbringing which makes it only natural for memories to float to the surface.

The bond that Harper and Tolliver share is tested and strengthened more frequently in Grave Secret as more people are made aware of the change in their relationship status. They have always advertised the family connection so those that know of them are aware they are related, although not by blood, and find it a little hard to deal with them as a couple.

That is nothing compared to the reactions they are faced with from those that know them and know them well. Everyone has an opinion about their relationship and is more than willing to share it. Harper and Tolliver are secure enough in their connection and their emotions that none of this is enough to sway their commitment to one another.

Manfred makes a timely entrance, he brings a fun and flirty note to the story; you can’t help but laugh out loud at his casual offers thrown in at every opportunity. Grave Secret is where he starts to really shine on his own and demonstrate the depth of his talent.

A talent that has developed quite rapidly, and just in time to be of intense assistance to Harper and Tolliver. Harper always thought there was latent talent lurking inside Manfred, overshadowed by his grandmother Xylda until her recent passing.

Charlaine Harris has to a large extent based Grave Secret on the wide-held belief that there is no such thing as coincidence. If it seems like it is way too coincidental and it must be connected then chances are it’s connected.

This is a riveting read which I would have preferred to devour in a single sitting, children and life willing, especially once I got to the last hundred or so pages. It really kept me guessing to the very end.

Grave Secret tied up all the loose ends and answered pretty much all the questions that were raised in this novel and the previous ones. So you are left with a completely self contained 4 book series that has a definite ending. There is no reason that there couldn’t be future Harper Connelly novels but there isn’t really any need; Harper’s story has been told. The things that she set out to achieve have been accomplished and she has ended the series on a happy note.

I love Sookie Stackhouse but I have become just as attached to Harper Connelly. I’m a little sad that her story has been told and everything got tied up so neatly. I will miss her, so am really looking forward to the series they are apparently going to be making of this series.

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