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Author: Karly Lane
ISBN: 978-1-76063-265-6
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 28 November 2018
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Karly Lane has long been a favourite of mine so I made sure that she was the first off the December pile because I had so been looking forward to reading The Wrong Callahan. Unfortunately my life has gotten a little hectic of late and reading and reviewing have come off second best on the priority list. What should have been a cozy weekend read took ages and then even longer to sit and review, and I really need to strike while the words are fresh. 

The Wrong Callahan is set in a small farming community where the Callahans have a large property, and respected standing in the town. Stringybark Creek is the essence of home for Lincoln Callahan, even though farming isn’t what he wanted from his life. He left to join the army, face danger and fight for his country. 

Griffin Callahan is Linc’s little brother, the one who stayed to take over the running of the farm. The one who did the right things. The one who is starting to feel a little stagnated and decides things need to change. He develops a crush on a rebellious new beauty technician in town for a while to take over the neighbour’s salon. 

The Wrong Callahan is a little … I actually don’t know where I want to start or what I want to say because I loved this book, I connected with most of the characters and I enjoyed the journey. I loved the insight into the struggles Linc faced after his time in the forces, the nightmares and the flashbacks. But also the pressure he felt to hide his struggles as a sign of weakness.

Character driven stories are a strength for Lane, she always makes sure that we get inside the heads of her characters and work out what really makes them tick. The Wrong Callahan is another story that builds on solid character foundations, for the most part, and allows the narrative to grow around it’s characters. 

The basic premise on the other hand isn’t highly original, which I have no issue with because a completely original storyline would be near impossible to write and the way the story is approached gives it it’s originality. I think my biggest issue, and it’s one that gets me ALL the time, is that a lot of the tension and drama in the story could have been avoided by a simple conversation.

Cash Sullivan has never been one to put down roots, she’s always moved around a lot and when things get tricky it’s just easier to move on – and it makes it harder for you to be found. She is an absolute breath of fresh air in the region, a little different to everyone else and also on the road to a new lifestyle. She know she needs to make some changes in her life but the heart wants what the heart wants. 

The Wrong Callahan is a well paced tale of love, betrayal, family, PTSD and small town communities. Another **** read from me. 

The Wrong Callahan is book #48 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2018.

Karly Lane loves to hear from her readers, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her Website.

The Wrong Callahan is published by Allen & Unwin and available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Allen & Unwin a selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are reading The Wrong Callahan so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

32 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Wrong Callahan

  1. The Callahan’s are a farming family, tight nit within the community. However, brothers Lincoln (Linc) and Griffin (Griff) are chalk and cheese and have a lot of unresolved resentment between them. While Griff continues to work the family farm, the golden child Linc has his mind set on bigger and better things and joins the army.

    Tension intensifies when Linc comes home one Christmas for their sister’s NYE wedding. Coming home Linc aims to lay low to sort though some stuff and help on the farm. This isn’t exactly welcomed by his younger brother. Add a girl in the mix and things really get messy.

    I really enjoyed the easy flow of this book, A romance yet it touches on some bigger themes. The sneaky peak of book two of the series looks equally entertaining. Perfect book to read over Christmas.

    Thank you, Beauty and Lace Book Club and Allen & Unwin, for the reading and reviewing opportunity, much appreciated and more than happy to recommend.

  2. I really enjoyed ‘The Wrong Callahan’ by Karly Lane and read it in one sitting. Interesting characters, great setting and hints of what will be coming in the next book in the series. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and the Publisher Allen & Unwin for my copy which will be devoured by many family members. ****

  3. The Callahan’s are a farming family, tight nit within the community. However, brothers Lincoln (Linc) and Griffin (Griff) are chalk and cheese and have a lot of unresolved resentment between them. While Griff continues to work the family farm, the golden child Linc has his mind set on bigger and better things and joins the army.

    Tension intensifies when Linc comes home one Christmas for their sister’s NYE wedding. Coming home Linc aims to lay low to sort though some stuff and help on the farm. This isn’t exactly welcomed by his younger brother. Add a girl in the mix and things really get messy.

    I really enjoyed the easy flow of this book. The sneaky peak of book two of the series looks equally entertaining. Perfect book to read over Christmas.

    Thank you, Beauty and Lace Book Club and Allen & Unwin, for the reading and reviewing opportunity, much appreciated and more than happy to recommend.

  4. Set in the beautiful New South Wales Riverina, the Callahan family have worked this land for generations.

    Griff’s life is on the land, he’s always loved being home but feels he is in a rut, is there more to life than the relentless pressures of work? He longs for a life more adventurous and fun.

    Linc is the older brother who joined the Army and worked overseas witnessing much conflict but has developed post traumatic stress disorder. Linc has returned home for Christmas and his sisters’ wedding on New Years Eve; he is well aware that his appearance reignites simmering animosity between the brothers.

    Then the brothers are introduced to Cash, the beautiful young woman living next door. The brothers vie for her affection yet she has her own issues to work through and is scared of being hurt again. The three main characters create the perfect trifecta for drama filled romance.

    Karly Lane has a great talent for writing Australian rural romance novels. The cover art is stunning, a beautiful young lady, a rural outlook and setting sun; an enticing start to a novel. I am very grateful to Beauty & Lace Book Club and Allen & Unwin Publishers for the opportunity to read this beautiful novel, thank you.

  5. I read this over the course of a lazy summer’s afternoon. Karly Lane has created some wonderful characters and a fine romance that you can really get lost in.

    Cash Sullivan is a newcomer to town and a rebellious city girl who is helping out at her friend’s day spa. The men in town are intrigued by this mysterious new girl. Initially it seems as though Griffin Callahan, the dependable son and farmer is going to make his move. But what happens when Griffin’s elder brother Lincoln returns to Stringybark Creek fresh from a tour of duty overseas? Lincoln is a man battling PTSD and is rather rough around the edges.

    Will Cash pick the nice guy or the bad boy? It doesn’t matter which man you yourself would chose, this text is a fun and immersive one.

  6. The Callahan’s are a close family in a rural farming community where knowing your neighbours is essential.
    I love the family dynamic, I really related to this book on a few levels, I read this is one sitting it was so easy to read.. It really captures the way families really are they love they fight and make up.

    There is a triangle of lies and half truths between brothers sisters and neighbours. Can’t wait to read the next book for the clues that were left you wondering!

    Thanks to beauty and lace another fantastic book to read!

  7. Oh my, such a sexy romantic novel to read…. the characters led a very sexy plot that sucked you right in.
    I wanted so much more of this book, and can’t wait to read the second book just so I know how the two characters follow on.

    I couldn’t put this book down and read this novel in a day.

    Karly lane your novels always leave me more than satisfied and I love all your story line. This is just another fantastic book you have written.

    Thank you beauty and lace for giving me the wrong Callahan to review.

  8. I hadnt read an Aussie Romance book for some time and this was the book to get back into at the beginning of these holidays.

    I think Karly got the right amount of descriptions for each character personality without overdoing it. I did feel sorry for poor Griff (unfortunate name when a town with a similar name is nearby) but good on him for going out of his comfort zone to try and make it work for him.

    I would have been interested in reading more about Lincs issue and exposing the effects it has on his life, those around him, work etc more and then what Cash has to deal with. Maybe thats coming as I believe this is a trilogy and a sneak peek surprise at the back of The Wrong Callahan.

    Over all a lovely, sometimes intimate book on a few realaxing days.

  9. what a great read! definitely leaves this reader hanging out for the next instalment!

    Cash and Linc are both avoiding settling down and are running from their own troubles when their paths cross. with chemistry, familial obligations and guilt and their past issues coming into play their journey isn’t a smooth one.

    The Wrong Callahan tells their tale and introduces us to the family – a family who is frustrating and loving in equal measures. This introduction to them is enticing and intriguing.

    Another great story by Karly Lane. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Allen & Unwin Publishers for the chance to review.

  10. The wrong Callahan is another brilliant easy read by Karly Lane.

    Set in a rural farming community, Stringybark Creek is home to the large family, The Callahan’s.

    Although most have grown up and left home, son Griff has stayed on and followed in his father’s footsteps, running the family farm. Son Linc is home for Christmas and their sister Hadley’s wedding, but with him he brings his own problems, PTSD from serving in the military.

    While home, Linc meets Cash, a gorgeous girl running the day spa on the adjoining property. Unfortunately his brother Griff has also met Cash and has feelings for her too..

    What happens next is some decision making and secrets before it all comes to a head at Hadley’s wedding.

    I loved this book, as I have loved all Karlys books, and loved the sneak peek at the end. I only hope there is some more of Linc and Cash’s story in there too, as I loved the dynamic couple and would love to hear more about what they are doing next!

    Highly recommend for any rural Romance lovers, this book is an easy entertaining read that is great to add to any rural collection.

    Thanks Beauty and lace and Allen and Unwin for the chance to read it.

  11. I loved this book. It’s such a very enjoyable read. There is a lot to be said for ptsd. It takes a lot of work and understanding from love ones. . Glad Linc gets his problems sorted and has the understanding from love ones. Really shows the struggles for our farmers and the fact they all pull together for there home town. Can’t wait to read the second book when it comes

  12. I thougherly enjoyed this book. Was one of the best books I have read in a long time very easy reading. I would recommend this book to anyone. Really life the life on the land is hard but very rewarding how they all pan together for the community fundraising. It was also rewarding to see ptsd being touched on a little and what the power of love and family can do to change outcomes.

  13. As alway this is a beautifully written book by Karly Lane and I can’t wait for book 2 in the series and every one that loves rural fiction books this is a book you should read

  14. The Wrong Callahan’s setting is Stringybark Creek, a family farm in Rankins Springs, in the heartland of the NSW Riverina. A small rural town where everyone knows everyone’s business and you can’t make a move without everyone knowing about it. This comes as a bit of a shock to city girl Cash Sullivan who is in town to help out at best friend Savannah’s Day Spa. Cash has always kept to herself but the friendly and welcoming neighbours, the Callahans, soon have her wondering what it would be like as part of a real family.

    Cash has always been attracted to ‘bad boys’ and it has always left her heartbroken. Maybe the reserved Griffin Callahan is just who she needs in her life and it’s hard not to spend time with him when the matchmaking Callahan women keep pushing them together.

    Linc hadn’t been home to Stringybark Creek since he left the army, two years ago. He was the son that couldn’t get away from the farm fast enough but has returned a hero in everyone’s eyes.
    As soon as Linc sets eyes on Cash he feels a strong attraction. An attraction that he is finding difficult to resist.

    Lane has delivered exactly what the genre promises; a rural romance with all the feels and characters to fall in love with (a whole family of them) but not all squeaky clean. Cash has a past she would rather keep hidden but she has turned her life around and is determined not to follow in the footsteps of her parents.

    Lane raises the question; do you have a type when it comes to relationships and can this be changed?

    The whole Callahan family is back home for Christmas and one of the siblings New Years Eve wedding. I love the Callahan family but they aren’t as perfect as they seem when you dig a little below the surface.

    Behind the romance the story has themes of sibling rivalry, close knit families, the silent but catastrophic PTSD and the all consuming trauma of a war zone.

    All the way through this story I was thinking how much I wanted to read Griff’s story and yes!! I find out it is book 2 ‘Mr Right Now’. And what’s with Harmony? Will Hadley’s marriage last? So many questions I can’t wait for the rest of this series.
    The story pulled me in from the start and wouldn’t let go until the very last page.

  15. I am an avid Karly Lane fan and her new book “The Wrong Callahan” did not disappoint. I am so glad it is book 1 that is based on the Callahans of Stringybark Creek with the 2nd due out in May 2019 so we continue to read about the family we have grown to love.

    I find Karly’s books so easy to immerse yourself in, they engage you and you just want to keep reading until you know what is going to happen to her likeable characters.

    Book one is about Lincoln Callahan, the eldest son of the family the one who left the farm family to try and find his way in the world by enlisting in the army. It has been 2 years since he visited the farm but he is back for Xmas and his sister’s wedding. When he arrives home the family are all talking about the woman next door, Cash Sullivan who Griffin (Lincs younger brother) is always finding excuses to visit.

    Cash is different and stands out in the small town but she is enjoying looking after the day spa for her friend Savannah while she is overseas. The Callahan’s have taken her in and welcomed her into their family home. She is always attracted to bad boys and Griffin is such a gentleman and she tries her hardest to feel something more than friendship with him but when her and Linc lock eyes for the first time the attraction floors them both.

    There is humour, cheeky moments, some very real moments and romance but as a reader you fall in love with the Callahan family and Cash, they feel so real and familiar. It also left me wanting to know more about the other family members hence why I can’t wait to read the next book.

    Thank you Allen & Unwin and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read and review this book. Karly Lane once again you have written a novel I could not put down. This will go straight to the bookshelf beside my other Karly Lane novels.

  16. I wasn’t one of the people selected to read The Wrong Callahan but was lucky enough to be given a copy from a friend. I loved it so much I just had to leave a review!

    This was my first time reading something written by Karly Lane and I will be looking out for her other books including the second instalment of The Wrong Callahan!

    An easy read that I couldn’t put down! Would definitely recommend!

  17. I love Karly’s books. This book was absolutely fantastic just like all her books. I’m looking forward to the next book.

  18. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read and review The Wrong Callahan by Karly Lane.

    I am a new fan of Karly Lane this only being my second book and it certainly did not disappoint.

    I love the family dyanamic of this book in a small farming community. I myself have a very family orietated life.

    The main characters Cash and Linc had me from the start and I love reading this book. Even staying up til 1am to read one night. I was unable to put this book down and enjoyed every minute all the emotions good and bad.

    This book contains secrets, lies and love triangles between family and friends. Definitely worth the read. I look forward to book 2 in this series.

  19. Linc and Griffin are the Callahan boys.
    They are so different.
    Linc couldn’t wait to leave the family property and join the Army,
    while Griffin wanted nothing more than to stay on the land and run the family property.
    Cash Sullivan has moved to the country to help her friend run her Day Spa while she is away.
    She is a city girl learning about the dynamics of a close knit small farming community.
    Cash is a bit of a nomad,she has always attracted the wrong type of guy.
    She has decided to take her friends advice and steer clear of the bad boys.
    Will things work out with Griffin, the dependable Callahan,
    or with Linc, the wild Callahan?
    A fairly simple story line that works
    and has wonderful characters
    that just about every person who reads this will relate to one or another of them.
    Another great book by Karly Lane,
    she has not disappointed her fans with this new one and
    I am looking forward to reading the next book of the series.

  20. It was nice to relax over the Christmas holiday period with a good book. So with my feet up, with a hot drink by my side I started reading The Wrong Callahan by Karly Lane. It was good read and as a result my children had spaghetti on toast that night for tea as Mummy was a little engrossed in reading. It was a romance book that ended well with no hard feelings between the two brothers invloved. It highlighted family problems, farming and going to war. Looking forward to a sequel. Thanks Beauty and Lace.

  21. Thank you for the opportunity to read The Wrong Callahan by Karly Lane.

    The book is set in an Australian country town and focusses on the Callahan family, specifically farming brother Griffin and his brother Lincoln who went to fight for his country and is now back for a family wedding.

    Cash is a beauty therapist who is filling in for a friend at the nearby spa and becomes friends with the Callahan family.

    I love the secondary characters as well as they have their own stories to tell, which I hope we get even more of in the next book.

    The brothers are quite different, both having their own issues, but neither willing to talk about them. Add Cash to the mix and hearts and minds will be hurt. This is an easy to read book about family, love, PTSD and how communication is the best thing. It was so easy to read and I can’t wait for the next in the series.

  22. Another wonderful read by Karly Lane who has become one of my favourite authors thanks to Beauty and Lace.
    I found The Wrong Callahan to be one of the easiest of her stories to read as it flowed easily but still with well developed characters that we understand where they are coming from. This is the first of a series of books set in Stringy Bark and the story follows the story of Lincoln Callahan whose family live on a large property and feature prominently in the local community. He left the farm and served his country in the army for many years and now has his own corporate risk and safety company that he runs. On a trip home to prepare for his sisters wedding he meets the beautician next door Cash Sullivan. Cash is just in Stringy Bark temporarily to run her best friends day spa and is brought in to the crazy day to day life of the Callahans when Lincs younger brother Griff takes a shine to her. Then Lincoln arrives back in town and there is an instant connection. This story touches on many themes but the main theme is really how PTSD can really affect people which was an important message. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves a good easy romance. Thanks to Allen & Unwin and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this book.

  23. I discovered Karly Lane through Beauty and Lace and absolutely love her books. Her latest book ‘The Wrong Callahan’ did not disappoint. An easy to read, and very enjoyable book to start the holidays with. Love the characters in this book and am a definite fan of rural romances. I’m looking forward to reading book 2.

  24. The Wrong Callahan by Karly Lane is the first novel of a 3 part series. Second book in the series will be released in March 2019.

    I am a fan of Karly’s and I have read all of her previous books so I was excited to receive The Wrong Callahan from Beauty and Lace club and Allen and Unwin. (Thank you! )

    I really enjoyed The Wrong Callahan, it is set in a rural town in NSW and involved the country family Callahan’s who were preparing for the daughters wedding.

    The heroine of the novel was Cash Sullivan and for the longest time I couldn’t understand why her name was Cash. It’s a different name for sure and I am glad that finally, about half way it is revealed why her name is Cash but it distracted me from the storyline for awhile.

    I thought it was great that the book was released just before Christmas as it does cover the festive period but it is not a overly Christmassy book so it can be read at any time.

    So Cash faces some dilemma’s romance and otherwise and the Callahan brothers in their own ways help her and there is also a little romance triangle that occurs. One of the brothers, Lincoln has just returned from overseas and being in the armed services. He has his own issues he needs to deal with while trying to be the ‘hero’ to the town.

    Overall it is a great feel good read and I am looking forward to what the next instalment brings.

  25. I really enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting. I liked the family atmosphere and sibling rivalry and it was nice with the Christmas incorporated being that time of year now.. I look forward to the next book by Karly.
    Thank you again.

  26. I thoroughly enjoyed the book The Wrong Callahan by Karly Lane. The story is based on the lives of two brothers on a farm called Stringbark Creek. Lincoln Callahan has just returned home after a long stint away. As soon as he meets Cash Sullivan who lives next door he finds himself intensely attracted to her. However his brother Griffin also has feelings. The story centres on the live triangle between the them. It also focuses on one of the charaters struggle with PTSD. This story was a wonderful read and I loved how it brings up the issues with PTSD. I highly recommend this book.

  27. I was lucky enough to be able to review this book-the first, but certainly not the last, that I have read by Karly Lane. It is the first of a series of books, 2nd one to be published middle of this year.

    It was a most enjoyable story about how an outsider is welcomed into a country Australian home, and the romantic interests that evolve.

    It also described the realistic struggles of a farming family -a most enjoyable read-would encourage everyone to read-you will love it !!

  28. I was so happy to be chosen to read The Wrong Callahan. I am a huge fan of Karly’s and have read every book numerous times!

    Once again the only thing I am disappointed in is the fact the story had to end… combined with reading the first 2 chapters of Mr Right Now leaving me wanting more.

    The Wrong Callahan was more than just a story to me. It touched on the struggles of farmers and how many of our armed forces are left once returning from combat. These are both really important to me because it shows that it is okay to not be okay.

    I felt like I was part of the Callahan family and honestly cannot wait for the rest of the series.

    Congratulations Karly, you have done it again!

  29. I surprised myself by really enjoying The Wrong Callahan – the first in a trilogy about ‘The Callahans of Stringybark Creek’ by Karly Lane. I’m not sure what I was expecting to be honest but the book was terrific! It was so easy to read and the characters were well described and lovable.
    The book revolves around Cash – the new girl in town, who has a wild streak in her, is a little rebellious but has a good heart, Linc – the eldest Callahan brother who left the farm as soon as he could to join the army and Griff – the youngest Callahan brother who is seen as the quiet, dependable brother who remained behind to work on the farm.
    Griff sets his eyes on Cash thinking he needs a new type of woman in his life and Cash thinks maybe Griff might be good for her but Linc comes home and turns everything and everyone on their heads.
    I loved the tensions in this love triangle, the family secrets that are hinted at throughout the story but also the love that holds the family together. I also really enjoyed the storyline about the effects PTSD can have and I feel Karly touched on this issue in such a way that felt real.
    Having a snippet of book 2 at the end had me hooked and I can’t wait for it to be released so I can read more about this intriguing family!
    I also loved the fact Beauty & Lace had a mention on the back cover of the book – how fantastic!
    Thanks so much to Allen & Unwin and Beauty & Lace for another fabulous book. Bring on Book 2!

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