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By Tee Smith

Broken Masterpiece is a self-published (Indie) book by West Australian author Tee Smith. I was fortunate enough to meet Tee at an author book signing event in the Barossa Valley in May 2019 where I purchased a copy of her book. I was so impressed that I introduced her to Beauty and Lace admin to discuss including her work as a Book Club read. I hope those of you who have been selected to read and review her book enjoy it as much as I did.

Smith lists herself as a writer of romantic suspense, but I think this book fits more into the genre of domestic noir. Broken Masterpiece is a beautifully written psychological thriller while also being a no holds barred expose of the realities of domestic abuse.

The story centres on a young woman by the name of Charlie who having experienced a life-threatening incident has woken with only a few scattered memories of her childhood. Although she feels safe in the arms of Harris, the man who says he is her husband, says he found her after she was carjacked, beaten and left for dead and says they are celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary, there are many things that don’t feel quite right, or make sense.

Judy, the woman she met in the bookstore and has developed a friendship with, questions the scarring on Charlie’s neck and other marks on her body, and hints that Harris has been violent towards her. Charlie doesn’t believe her but has to admit she can’t remember anything of the 10 years of their marriage. Harris has made no secret of his dislike of Judy and that he doesn’t want Charlie spending time with her. Judy questions why Harris is controlling who Charlie can or can’t see, wonders why Charlie doesn’t remember receiving any medical treatment after she was “found” and why there doesn’t appear to be any police report associated with the incident.

Judy’s questioning awakens Charlie’s curiosity about who she really is and what happened to her and so she turns to the internet to find some answers.

What Charlie finds will make her question everything Harris has told her, but the decisions she makes as a result of the information found will turn her life into a living hell, as she fights to regain not only her memories, but also her safety and life.

Broken Masterpiece is an intense, powerful and disquieting novel that keeps you enthralled from beginning to end.

Highly recommended, I give it 5 stars.

20 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading Broken Masterpiece by Tee Smith. You can find out what they thought in the comments section below. Please note it may contain spoilers!

15 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Broken Masterpiece

  1. I received Broken Masterpiece by Tee Smith in the post last Friday. I absolutely devoured this book and was finished by Saturday. The book is very addictive the intriguing storyline just leaves you wanting more and more aas you turn the pages. I loved it. Totally recommend to any one

  2. Broken masterpiece is a fantastic book about love and betrayal. While not an overly long book, it is well written and drags you into its folds. Atho at times, I had to reread to understand what Tee was trying to portray, there is an underlying thread that slowly reveals itself.
    Loved the storyline and the in depth feelings exposed by Charlie throughout. Congratulations to Tee, thank you for letting me read Broken masterpiece.

  3. Thank you BeautyandLace and Tee Smith for providing me with Broken Masterpiece to read for the August book club. It was a lovely touch to open the cover and see it personally signed by Tee.

    The story unfolds as Charlie and her overprotective but doting husband Harris get ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Charlie has a husband who appears to adore her and would do anything for her,especially after a vicious attack left her with little memories of her past, but why is Harris evasive to her questions about what happened to her and their their life together.

    Poor Charlie is struggling to piece together what actually happened and with the help of her close friend Judy, slowly begins to find the answers she’s desperately trying to find. When she finally realizes what has transpired will she be running from her captor into the arms of her true love and the life she was supposed to live? Who can she trust?

    Broken Masterpiece is a riveting story about love, betrayal, abuse, control and hope. I really enjoyed reading the story and discovering all the characters. Even though I could predict where the story line was heading, there was a few twists and turns that kept me guessing and maintained my interest. I really enjoyed reading this book and I especially loved the ending.
    Thanks again BeautyandLace for another great read and introducing me to a new author.

  4. Charlie wakes up from a brutal attack not really remembering much. but that’s ok as she has her loving husband Harris to look after her.

    It’s coming up to their 10th Wedding Anniversary and Harris wants to spoil her. If only Charlie could remember those missing years.
    Harris was such a loving husband he showed what love and a relationship should really be like. Charlie was so lucky to have him . Charlie thinks even though she can’t remember the past he keeps telling her about.
    The only other person in Charlie’s life is a friend Judy who is there when she needs her. They meet up for coffee in town and a chat.
    Chat’s lead to questions and it’s from here that the story begins to come alive.

    Charlie begins to discover that there’s thinking you know the truth and then there’s finding out the truth.
    Not knowing the real truth can sometimes be a blessing,

    As Charlie’s memory returns and the lies become known she realises that there is no way of going back.
    Love and happiness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    I was going along nicely in this romantic story until a major twists hits you and takes you on a journey that you never expected.
    So man plot turns that have you on the edge of your seat.
    This is a cleverly crafted story about manipulation and finding one’s inner strength.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Tee Smith for gifting me this book to read.

  5. Wow, what a read! A book I couldn’t put down and left we wanting more after each chapter!
    It follows the story of a girl named Charlie who is abused and struggles to break free from her broken relationship.
    Well written and easy to follow.
    On a superficial note, the cover does not grab my attention or portray what the book is about(yes, I judge a book by its cover) .
    Will definitely buy more books from this author!

  6. “Life is not always a bed of roses”, words written by the self-published author of Broken Masterpiece, Tee Smith, and she is right. Charlene, known as Charli, experiences the most horrific domestic violence and significant losses at the hand of her violent and controlling husband, to the degree that she doesn’t remember it. Confused and at the mercy of what people tell her about her life, Charli only regains knowledge of the truth when she is once again in and impossible situation and her life is in danger.
    A compelling read, implausible at times and shockingly plausible at others. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down !
    Thank you Tee Smith and Beauty and Lace for allowing me to read and review Broken Masterpiece, highly recommended.

  7. A well written suspenseful novel filled to the brim with Twists n turns you don’t see coming .

    Well developed storyline , engaging plot and characters that have definition . This story will have you riveted at every page turn .

    The author has done a great job of pulling the reader into her story – creating a storyline that keeps you intrigued and characters that you can sympathise with .

    Twists and turns that you don’t see coming and many factors within the story that could be true to life making the storyline very realistic .

    Tee has balanced everything within the story filling it with mystery, intrigue, romance and suspense . Everything a reader could want and more .

    Characters are well written and the dialogue easily flows through it the storyline .

    Overall – a great read for all those who enjoy a well told and unpredictable storyline with a female lead that’s strong and well fleshed out.

    My first story by this author and won’t be my last .

  8. A true thriller, just when I thought I knew what was going on, things would change,I love a good book like this, an excellent read.

  9. August 2019 selection
    Beauty and Lace Book Club
    Book review : Broken Masterpiece by Tee Smith

    Broken Masterpiece is a psychological thriller book revolving around Charlie who is suffering from amnesia post a brutal attack. There are also scars on her body that indicates some history of violence but Charlie draws a blank as to what has happened. Charlie’s husband Harris is very protective but loving and caring and can only fill in so many of the gaps.
    One small incident triggers another where all the broken pieces of her life come back together with a resounding thud, shattering what she once thought of a safe and happy life. This is a great read and really gives you the true perspective of what can be endured to survive, putting back all the pieces is just as hard as not acknowledging them.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace Book Club for the opportunity to read and review Tee Smith’s Broken Masterpiece

  10. Thanks to B&l for the book The Masterpiece by Tee Smith.
    I found this to be a very interesting read, it travels the path of a battered woman, that continually thinks she is misjudging her husband, and that he really does love her.

    At the beginning of the book, Charlie wakes up from what she believes to be a car jacking, where she has been beaten so badly that she has amnesia. Harris, who claims to be her husband is very protective and trys to guard her very closely.
    Charlie finds out that the abuse she has been subjected to has been long term, not just from the carjacking.
    As the story unfolds we find out a very different life story for Charlie and the horrid past that she has really been dealing with.
    Very much worth reading, to find out all of the real truths.

  11. Thanks to Beauty and Lace Book Club and Tee Smith I was lucky enough to get chosen to read Tee Smith’s self published book, ‘Broken Masterpiece’

    Firstly I was impressed that Tee has published her novel herself and was willing to send them to 20 of us readers to read. I wonder why she is self published? It can’t be because a publishing company wouldn’t publish her book because it is good!

    The story is about Charlie who woke up after an assault not remembering anything. Not remembering her name, her husband, her house then she worked out that maybe life was different then the people around her were telling her.

    The story unfolds from there and twists and turns with her memory returning little by little and it is very suspenseful and I couldn’t stop reading wondering where and how it was going to end.

    I was satisfied with the ending, although I felt it was a little rushed and could of explained a bit more as it is a short 200 odd page book and the story could of been longer.

    Well worth a read!

  12. Chardonnay Black. A brutal, twisted and manipulated story of love, loss, money and power.
    I felt drawn in and compelled from the moment I picked it up, until I finished the last word.
    Tee Smith has written a beautiful novel, one which is full of hurt, confusion, strength and courage. Tee has touched on subjects which are often overlooked, misrepresented and misunderstood or understood when sadly, it is too late for justice to be served.
    Charlie is a strong woman who has forgotten how to be strong. She is attacked and wakes to find that she can no longer remember her past or the life she had. Snippets are fed to her by her husband Harris.
    A series of events leave Charlie confused and confronted with stories that don’t add up, with health concerns which need answers and with the underlying feeling hat things are not right. A friend helps Charlie and she fights to regain control of her life and her past, though things are not always as they seem.
    The story line at times left me breathless, frustrated and angry. Tee has captured the feelings and pain that comes with such events and has done justice to the story line she has chosen. She has provided a series of angles and a put a lot of feelings into the characteristics of Charlie and Harrison.
    Well done Tee and thank you Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to read this wonderfully written novel.

  13. Just when you think you figured out who the bad guy is, you turn the page!
    I really enjoyed this book! It was short, and an easy read, but it packed a punch and kept you guessing! The topics were confronting, and even if you haven’t dealt with those situations in your own life, you can see how people get caught in the web and find it difficult to escape.
    It actually opened my eyes to certain things that are going on around me too.
    I really enjoyed the book and hope to read more from Tee Smith!

  14. Broken Masterpiece is a short book with the theme of domestic violence and betrayal. Charlie or Chardonnay is the main character who suffers from amnesia but slowly begins to question her life and relationships until a particular event triggers her investigation into her true identity. Her real life begins to come back to her, making the existence she had a farce, causing more questions than answers.
    The theme of the story is interesting, and at times suspenseful, but is sometimes difficult to read due to the flow of the sentence structure, causing the reader to re-read to see if there was something missed. At times the description of thoughts and emotions, along with events, appears to be superficial. With greater exploration of these issues the book would be one that readers are unable to put down.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace Book Club for the opportunity to read and review Tee Smith’s Broken Masterpiece.

  15. Broken Masterpiece is a short book with the theme of domestic violence and betrayal.
    I could not put this book down I wanted to find out what happens to her. I had a couple of late nights reading it.
    A good read .

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