Author Interview: Blake James

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This week we have another somewhat obscure author to help you get to know a little better, I love getting to talk to these authors on their way up and hopefully help bring them some more publicity.

Blake Matthew James is a man who always thought about ‘the one that got away’ and used Facebook to find her. The bones of a story which to some extent I’m sure many of us can relate to, and this is what he had to say when I asked him about his journey.

B&L: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you came to write this book?

I grew up in northern Wisconsin. I have had many jobs from truck driving to performing comedy.  I am a very motivated person. I moved to Madison in the year 2000 with a trash bag full of clothes.  I found a job working with my first mentor, Smoky Jon Olsen, who taught me discipline and work ethics.  I started following motivational speaker Tony Robbins in 2004. Tony became my second mentor. In 2006 I went to my first event. At this event, I talked about my story and the journals I had been writing. The group encouraged me to take it to the next level and write the book.

One of the sayings I hold most dear is “CANI” which stands for Constance and Never-ending Improvement. I stand by that saying until this day. I make mistakes, but always working on improving.

Blake James

B&L: Your new book, The Journal: Messages To Kara, has recently been published. Can you tell us a little about it please?

While truck driving I wrote in journals, about my past relationship with the one who got away, Kara. A friend told me about Facebook and, with a little help, I found her. I wanted to let her know after 20 years that my memories of her were some of the best of my life to date.  There is nothing better than writing a book about the one you have loved and lost, trying to get her back.

B&L: How did you go about getting it into print?

I did all of the research myself, found AuthorHouse online, and put it into pen. I also have to thank my editor, Amanda Clark at Without Amanda, I don’t believe that this story would have come together.

B&L: I understand the book was self published, what can you tell us about the process?

The process was way more than I had expected.

B&L: What was your first thought the first time that you saw one of your books in print?

When I saw my book for the first time I was proud. That was one more thing off the bucket list.

B&L: Can you tell us what’s next for Blake James?

I am currently working on a follow up book The Journal 2 Fantasy to Reality: The Meeting of Kara. I am also working on writing and performing standup comedy under the stage name of Joboogieman as well as creating an entertainment and promotion company, Boogieman Jams.

B&L: Is there any advice you can offer for aspiring authors.

All I can say is study as much as you can, and don’t be afraid of critics.

B&L: Does this book carry a particular message for your readers?

The message from the book is to do all you can for love.  Your life is a choice. You can choose your own ending and choose well.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Blake!


For readers out there who are interested in the book, I know I am, all the information you need to get a copy is here:

The Journal: Messages to Kara
By Blake Matthew James
ISBN: 9781456711122(sc)
Paperback 6×9, retail price: $12.95
Hard cover 6×9, retail price: $21.50
Available at: and

One thought on “Author Interview: Blake James

  1. Never got the chance to thank you and taking the time for doing this article. I’m really not much of a writer, never thought I would be, maybe I would write some comedy but not a book.
    Sometimes love just lives in us, even when the love gets away, I really hoped the book explains what I did, and asks the question. What would you do if you got a 2nd chance?
    Thanks again
    Blake Matthew James

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