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Danielle Hawkins is the author of Allen and Unwin’s May release Dinner at Rose’s, a book which has fast become a favourite with early readers and one which I am hoping to get my hands on at some point.

This desk is one that really does look homey. I have said before that one looked like home and it did, because mine shares the cluttered look, but this one is homey and comfy and let’s just go take a look….

danielle desk

What is on your desk?

I don’t have a desk; I have Grandma’s super-comfortable ergonomic rocking chair, with the laptop on my knee and coffee mug on the ottoman beside me.

What shouldn’t be on your desk?

The gingernuts that often accompany the coffee!

Why does this area motivate you?

I don’t need motivating because writing’s my hobby, not my job. But I like this spot because it’s nice and companionable writing in the lounge in the evenings while my husband reads or watches TV. Also, I’m in precisely the right place for watching the rugby.

Are there any items of particular significance?

The chair is special – my great-grandmother gave it to Grandma when she had my dad, and she nursed all her babies in it. One day, if we’re feeling wealthy and if Grandma approves, I’ll have it recovered in some gorgeous fabric and it will become the focal point of our living area.

How often do you spend in this work space each day?

Seven till nine most evenings, and if I’m lucky another hour in the early afternoon while the kidlets have their afternoon sleep.

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