Elizabeth Grant: My Life – My Story

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Author: Marion Suzenne Witz and Carol Krenz
ISBN: 978-1449-047-603

The beauty industry is one full of creams and potions designed to make us look like we’ve never had a hard day in our lives. The story of beauty maven Elizabeth Grant is an inspiring and captivating look into the world that seems to thrive on poor self-esteem.

Born in the early 1900s in London, UK, Elizabeth has built one of the world’s most successful beauty lines- the most successful on the shopping network in Canada. The book “Elizabeth Grant – My Life My Story” tells the tale of a life of a beauty matriarch.

elizabeth grant: my life - my story

The irony of Elizabeth Grant’s memoir is that it is far from the glossy, perfect image the beauty industry tries so hard to provide. Her life was filled with tragedies from early on but a true turning point was when a German rocket dropped in the street (as she was walking one sunny afternoon in wartime London) injured her.

Elizabeth’s fateful discovery of Torricelumn™, changed the dreary outlook she had on her life and turned her into one of beauty’s self made women. Celebrities including Salma Hayek, Princess Caroline of Monaco and Javier Bardem use the range.

Sitting down with Elizabeth Grant’s book is like sitting down with a wonderful grandmother. Full of adventures, Elizabeth tells her story like she’s bustling about offering you a nice cup of tea and a biscuit while recounting the rise of her label.

Elizabeth’s story is truly inspirational. Her persistence to not let the many tragic experiences she endured turn her life into one of misery, is one I have plenty of admiration for. Elizabeth tells her story not in a “self hep” style but in a raw, emotional read that opens the door to the many aspects of her personality.

I think we can all learn a lot from those who have gone before us. In many ways Elizabeth Grant has paved the way for entrepreneurs after her and her words speak to the soul- “and to everything a purpose flowed under heaven”.

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