BOOK CLUB: Unsolved Australia: Lost Boys, Gone Girls

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Author: Justine Ford
ISBN: 9781760556747
RRP: $32.99
Publication Date: 25 June 2019
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Reading Lost Boys, Gone Girls was frustrating, heartbreaking and at the same time inspiring. To read the histories of what is only a few of the many unsolved cases in Australia really made me stop and think how fantastic the Police and Investigating crews are. Their dedication to the job is amazing. The strength of the families that are dealing with the loss of loved ones is certainly something that I hope I never have to find for myself. The pain of not knowing where your loved one is, and if they are dead or alive, or who took them from you and why, must be more than horrible.

The worst kind of pain must be knowing that there are people out there that know things and if they would only come forward they might not be able to bring your loved one back to you, but they could at least offer you some answers, justice, and closure.

It would be wonderful if just one person who picks up this book reads one of the cases and is prompted to come forward with information. Perhaps not about one of the cases in the book but about another unsolved case. That would be awesome.

This is not a book to read if you want some light warm fuzzy type read. It’s a book the we really all should read as it really does show that even the small snippets of information can help to crack a case wide open, and even if you have been sitting on information for years thinking it’s nothing groundbreaking…you still should speak up.

Very well written and thought provoking. Showing care and compassion for the families mourning the loss of a loved one and praying daily for news.

This guest review was submitted by Annamaree, one of our Beauty and Lace Club members. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Annamaree.

Unsolved Australia: Lost Boys, Gone Girls is published by Pan Macmillan and is available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members are currently reading Unsolved Australia: Lost Boys, Gone Girls and you can read their thoughts on the book in the comments below, please be aware there may be spoilers.

5 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Unsolved Australia: Lost Boys, Gone Girls

  1. Book Review
    Unsolved – Lost Boys, Gone Girls by Justine Ford Published by Pan McMillan

    Fascinating, but disconcerting

    It’s hard to imagine just how many people disappear in this country every year without a trace.
    This book gave me an idea of the staggering number, and an insight on how hard it is for the families left behind.
    Then there are bodies found who are never identified.
    If the public can assist in solving even just a small number of these cases, it would be fabulous.
    Did you see something? do you know something? are questions that Justine asks over and over in this book. It may seem unimportant but could provide clues to open a new line of enquiry.

    The personality profiles included in the book provide insight into people who help to try and solve the mysteries – Forensic specialists, current and previous police members and psychiatrists, and add a lightening touch to the sad reality.

    I would highly recommend this book.

  2. As a lover of true crime I was very happy to be picked to read and review Unsolved Australia.

    Generally we hear about people going missing but never so much about the outcome, especially of the ones that are never fully resolved, Unsolved Australia delves into cases just like that.

    Unsolved Australia tells us about members of cults, beauty queens, a random body washed up on a dock and many more. These stories are never laid to rest with police even today clueless as to the whereabouts or whatabouts.

    With interviews from those working inside crime it’s a look at how stressful and traumatizing these cases are.

    I’d recommend this book to anyone that loves true crime, especially anyone interested in true crime on there doorstep!

  3. I was so rapt to review Justine Ford’s ‘Unsolved- Lost Boys, Gone Girls as I had previously read her book ‘The Good Cop’ and knew that she is a very empathetic and factual writer.

    I read a lot of books in the true crime genre and like that this book is unique in that it offers the reader a chance to feel the first hand accounts of those left behind, notably loved ones in the aftermath of their loved ones missing or murdered, but also that of the many professionals who spend their time on these quite often harrowing cases and again, the firsthand personal and professional backgrounds and the aftermath of having worked during these times.

    The reader is taken through thirteen cases (some of them historical) and is given an account from the families and the professionals with whom worked on these cases. As a reader you are very aware that any little clue or evidence, whether it be big or small may well be the missing piece to the puzzle which could help solve a case. Justine Ford worked on the show ‘Australia’s Most Wanted’ therefore she has a very empathetic and factual way of writing and includes the rewards for any information which may help solve some of these cases. As the reader you felt connected to the people in the book and sense the obvious desire to help families with loved ones missing to bring them a sense of dignity and closure.

    I particularly like the cover of this book, the puzzle pieces is a very clever cover as it really could be one missing piece of the puzzle which could help solve missing people or unsolved homicides.
    I sincerely hope that by many Australians reading this book, some if not all these cases can be solved and bring some much needed answers and closure for the loved ones tragically living in the aftermath of a loved ones missing or murdered,

    I highly recommend this book. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review.

  4. I’m a big fan of any book about human nature and true crime in particular. I loved this book with each chapter concentrating on a a different case.
    Justine Ford has the ability to write from the heart and delve in to people’s lives, not just the circumstances of their deaths (or assumed deaths). The reader gains an understanding of who people were and what decisions they made lead to the situation they found themselves in. Justine also speaks directly to investigators and those close to the vicitms to give different perspectives from other books in this genre.
    Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys true crime.
    Thanks Pan Macmillan and Beauty and Lace!

  5. Unsolved Australia, Lost Boys and Gone Girls examines some of our well known and not so well known missing persons and murder cases. It delves into the stories so far, the evidence at hand, the intital investigations & lost opportunities.

    I enjoyed this book immensely. Crime & investigation books are one of my favourite genres and this was so well written, easy to read and gripping. Justine Ford has done a great job capturing the stories and the anguish of the families left behind.

    I especially loved the inclusion of profiles of the different investigators, journalists and detectives involved in missing persons cases. It was so interesting to see the impact it has on their personal lives and the thorough and invested attitudes of all parties.

    I highly recommend this book to all true crime buffs and I really hope someone who picks up this book holds the missing piece of the puzzle to solve one of these crimes.

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