BOOK CLUB: Guinness World Records Wild Things

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Author: Guinness World Records
ISBN: 9781912286485
RRP: $22.99
Publication Date: 13th November 2018
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Everyone loves to learn new things, especially when that learning is fun. Guinness World Records has a long history of publishing fascinating volumes that delight readers of all ages.

The latest in the series is Guinness World Records Wild Things, a book shining the limelight on the best of the beasts. You can learn about the biggest, the smallest, the weirdest or the deadliest.

The animal kingdom is filled with record breakers, be they powerful predators or prey, deadly bugs, species facing extinction or household pets. Wild Things brings them all together in this fascinating guide to the best of the animal kingdom.

Prehistoric record-breakers have their own chapter. Learn which dinosaur was the tallest, which had the most powerful bite and which flying creature boasts a wingspan the size of an F-16 jet.

Top zoology experts and conservation stars share some of their experiences and favourite animals, along with tops for those hoping to enter the field. Experts include Sir David Attenborough, Dame Jane Goodall, Deadly 60’s Steve Backshall and the Irwin family.

Sit back, get comfy and prepare to delve into the Wildest Guinness World Records book yet.

Guinness World Records Wild Things is published by Pan Macmillan and available now where good books are sold.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will be reading Guinness World Records Wild Things with their children and I look forward to hearing what they think.

10 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Guinness World Records Wild Things

  1. My family love this book. We read a section a night and our 5 year old has a renewed interest in all things animal and dinosaur! She particularly loved the “pink animals” section. The book went to kinder for show and tell and was a massive hit there too.

    Thanks for the opportunity to review.

  2. What a fun filled action packed book! With masses of interesting facts and information this book will entertain curious minds of all ages.

    The book is broken into 9 chapters, including facts on the smallest and deadliest creatures as well as prehistoric dinosaurs and the strangest and cutest animals. This book also talks about interesting zoos and features Aussie Bini Irwin’s conservations club. So much to learn about with many wild and wonderful animals across the globe.

    Getting my school aged boys interested in books can be difficult, but I knew when this book was available it would be the type of thing they would devour! It did not disappoint! The book was full of graphic visually grabbing photos. Not only did they find it entertaining, they were soaking up heaps of learning along the way (who said reading can’t be fun!). I equally found this just as enjoyable.

    What a great addition this will make on anyone’s bookshelf, and a prefect gift for the kids for Christmas. I was so fortunate to be able to share this with the kids, thanks to Beauty & Lace Book Club and PanMacMillian Australia.

  3. Just loved this book! What a great way to learn about the different animals and species of the world. I loved how each sections was grouped of “like” types of animals based on characteristic, color or a particular size. it was colorful and fun and very informative, an easy way to learn with no fuss. I liked the Zootopia section it gave a small incite into what happens at different zoos and animal behavior. The interview section was also very interesting and gave actual encounter information of different animals.

    I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn a little more about different animals. It would be a great book for teachers of small children as it would easily hold their attention for long periods of time with each page offering a bright and fun way to learn.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Pan McMillian Australia for providing me this opportunity. I will treasure this book for a long time.

  4. This is the ultimate book for reading with your kids. What I love the most is that you can just pick and choose parts to read – we do it at bed time. It has become a little ritual.

    The information is so interesting. Did you know that ticks have been on this earth for up to 66 million years? That is the kind of information you can read about. It’s just amazing and my nature loving kids are fascinated, It’s educational and the kids don’t even realise it. Win! Win!

    Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace and Pan Macmillan for this opportunity. A big tick from us!

  5. This fabulous book of Guinness World Records arrived just in time for my animal-mad daughters to take it on a weekend away with their cousins, so all all the kids were fascinated and amazed by the myriad of interesting facts contained within. Each had their own favourite page, with something for everyone in this book. My daughter especially loved the quiz questions!

    Thanks Beauty and Lace and Pan Macmillan for this great informative book. We will have many more years of use from it I’m sure!

  6. My children and I love this book, as we do every edition.. we love to see the quirky things people do and see! My kids loved the addition of Steve Backshall this year also!

  7. What an amazing book! My children were very excited when I had the oputunity to review this book.
    My son who is 3 gets this book out every night he particularly likes the dinosaurs. There is so much informative information for children and adults. The illustrations and pictures make this book even more exciting.

    Guinness World Recods Wild Things will will be a book that we all will enjoy for many years!

  8. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the Guinness World Records Wild Things book with my children. My son is an avid reader and was intrigued by the creatures featured in it, where as my daughter liked making connections to animals that she knew. We read a few pages a night and my children loved learning about new facts and animals (as did I). To be honest I had not heard of most of the creatures in the book so it was a real eye opener to see what strange creatures exist alongside us in this life. I look forward to taking this book with me to my school and sharing it with my enrichment class as I believe they will find it quite interesting as well.

  9. Thank you to the Beauty snd Lace Bookclub for sending me this fantastic book to review, my 10 year old loves it!

    My son usually needs alot of encouragement to read but not with this book, it was fun to read and educational at the same time.

    The Guiness Book of Records is a favourite of our family, this book didn’t disappoint. Thank u.

  10. A fun filled books filled with lots of facts and information from some conservationists. Lots of things we didn’t know and we found this to be a very informative and great read. From Gentle giants to beasts and huge predators and even dinosaurs this book is well illustrated and you will meet a variety of all things big and small, weird and wacky and wonderful all in one.

    We read this book over a week, enjoying a few pages – a night sometime more ! In this book you get to meet the worlds most amazing animals and with such vivid imagery and well detailed information there are many things you will learn .

    We had to giggle at the massive dinosaur with the tiniest of brains.. The smallest cutest bird and even the deadliest sting. Definitely creatures you wont find in your back yard , I can guarantee this read will excite all little bookworms with an inquisitive streak and even the big kids who enjoy learning in sighful new things.

    Highly recommend this book to all you wont be dissappointed. In this exciting new book, get to know some of the world’s most amazing animals. There’s gentle giants and deadly mini‐beasts, voracious predators and cunning prey. You’ll meet a host of weird‐and‐wonderful members of the natural world, from exotic species on the brink of extinction to wildlife you can find in your own back garden!
    Bursting with fun facts, plus contributions from top conservationists like Bindi Irwin, Jane Goodall and Steve Backshall, Guinness World Records: Wild Things is totally roar-some!

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