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Brand New Brand You by Garry Browne is a great resource, applying marketing techniques to your career, personal brand, relevance and reputation. I’m a marketing academic, and I found the information and activities in the book were very relevant and useful.

The author has over 40 years of branding experience, and it shows. He draws on his expertise to provide tips for developing and maintaining your personal brand. The book takes you through various career stages – from starting out, to mid-career and pre-retirement.

The role of mentoring is discussed. I really loved the idea of relevance to your field and acknowledging how this can change. The book also talks about building connections, something that is critical as you’re establishing and strengthening your career.

Brand New Brand You is short and easy to read, but still thought provoking. I’m sure anyone will benefit from the questions the author suggests you ponder on, the frameworks provided, and the easy to digest nature of the book. Thanks to Garry Browne for writing this book!

Thanks to Beauty and Lace for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

ISBN: 9781925921816

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14 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Brand New Brand You

  1. When I first saw the title of Garry Browne’s book I was intrigued, the blurb on the back of the book had me excited, a book on how to build and maintain your personal brand, relevance and reputation.

    Unlike Raechel however, I found the book intensely frustrating. At the most basic of levels it should have been clear from the blurb that this book referred to your brand in terms of your working life and not your personal life (except in as far as it reflected on your working life). With respect to a person’s working life I found it mostly irrelevant and often almost patronising as it made assumptions about the ease of finding mentors and where you should be at any point in your life.

    Like Raechel I hold a post graduate qualification (Master of Policy and Administration) and when I retired from the Australian Commonwealth Public Service I was on the cusp of a senior executive role, although I worked in technical and not managerial areas, and yet there was nothing in this book that I found relevant to my working life.

    The book seems to be aimed at the young, super ambitious go-getter whose aim in life is to reach the pinnacles of corporate Australia. However, reading through it I felt more like I was reading someone’s thesis than a book designed to assist and inspire.

    I understand that Browne has self-published the book, and I note in his acknowledgments there is no mention of an editor. I would strongly suggest that a good editor would make a huge difference to the appeal, and readability, of Browne’s book. By way of an example that would have been addressed by an editor, Browne refers on many occasions to “gig” workers, a term I was not familiar with. He finally provides a definition on page 143 of an 152 page book. The term should have been defined at the first point it was used.

    Comments like “And are you aware of the cultural differences that underpin the business practices of our major trading partners: China, the Middle East, India and EU countries? If not, how can you expect to understand scaling an online business or the transformation of existing ‘traditional businesses’ for digital growth?” (p 136) and discussing where your career is in your late 50’s “At this stage it’s likely you are moving through the end phase of an executive role, partnership or senior manager position” (p 137) are clear indications that this book is not intended for the average person.

    For a book that appears to have been released some four months ago, there is a dearth of reviews available. I would suggest that Browne should more carefully target his review audience, preferably after having his book professionally edited.

    My thanks to Garry Browne and Beauty and Lace Book Club for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  2. Brand New Brand You by Gary Browne is a quick and easy, ‘self-help’ type of book. Written in a straightforward albeit dumbed down style, it talks about your personal branding or reputation – how you wish to be seen and positioned whether at work or in your personal life. Having said that though, it is clearly more geared towards your working life. It discusses what things influence reputation throughout your life, and provides some fairly basic guidance about how you can improve and manage your own brand and your confidence. Brand New Brand You also places a lot of attention on the relationship between reputation, recognition and relevance.

    However it seems to me that a lot of the discussion in this book is a bit too ‘tryhard’, focussing on how to get validation from others, and I couldn’t help thinking how confining this is… both in a work situation and personally.

    Nevertheless, the book
    is quite readable, and uses lots of topical anecdotes, situations and famous names to illustrate its points – from the Harvey Weinstein saga to Nobel prize winning teen Malala Yousafzai’s fight for female education and the antics of Nick Kyrgios.

    Still as with many ‘self help’ style books I found Brand New Brand You quite condescending, and the discussion about needing to work/use your brand to remain ‘relevant’ throughout your life … a little sad…

  3. Brand New Brand You is a good book to read slowly taking into consideration your own circumstances as you go through it. Relevant to some but not to others. Many books like this are there to generate thoughts on your career, where you want it to be verses where you are heading. Not much in this book by Gary Browne that I haven’t read before but it does bring it together in his own style.

  4. Brand New You seems on the outside and blurb to be a self help book. There are a lot of “Business Management” type help information to relate to the self. Which for me just reminded me what i did in my Masters degree (which I use anyhow). It’s easy enough to read (and is a really really short book), but boy did I find it boring as it seems to just “name drop” situations, mention basics surround of some things but not really giving you any proper steps or full directions or information in how to achieve things.

    It’s a pretty basic book which may be helpful for someone who really doesn’t know where to begin.

  5. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review Author Garry Browne’s “Brand New Brand You”.

    I’m always s little partial to ‘self-help’ motivational books and found this one was an easy read, not too bogged down/long winded. I particularly liked the questions posed throughout, as it certainly makes you ponder where your values align and the importance of your reputation etc.
    I like the anecdotes and personal stories.

    That said, I wasn’t a fan of the what felt like condescending style of questioning and felt it wasn’t written with the average person in mind. I feel you could walk away from reading it feeling it was quite work-centric as opposed to personal which wasn’t apparent from the blurb. Certainly readable though.

  6. Brand New Brand You by Garry Browne is a self help book aimed at helping you build and maintain your confidence in terms of your reputation.

    It is mostly focussed for those in the business world but is also inclusive of community organisations. I haven’t read many self help books before and although I felt certain points in the book to be common sense, I certainly found some useful tips and actually quite enjoyed reading this book. I especially liked the examples in the real world that Garry provided, as this helped cement a lot of the messages that he was trying to convey.

    Thank you very much Beauty and Lace and Garry Browne for the opportunity to read and review this book. And thanks also for providing me with a signed copy. Brand New Brand You is certainly worth reading for those who wish to improve themselves and make a difference in the business world.

  7. I’ll admit when I first started reading “Brand New Brand You” I wondered if it would be relevant to me as I am no longer in paid employment. I persevered and I’m glad I did. This self help book brings a different approach that can be applied to personal life, volunteer work or a career
    As someone who majored in marketing many years ago, it made me question things and realise that yes ” branding” is very relevant to many aspects of life.
    This was an easy style of book to read and I devoured it over two nights. I think it is one to read again when in a more reflective mood .
    I recommend this book to anyone looking at life and “putting yourself out there” from a different point of view. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Garry Browne for the opportunity to read and review a book I probably would not pick up usually. It made me think outside the square a little which is always a good thing

  8. Brand New Brand You by Garry Browne is a book about marketing and building your own brand in the corporate world. Although it is mainly focussed on career, many aspects can be applied to other areas of life. This book was a great self help book about building your own reputation This book was easy to read and had lots of good tips. Thanks Beauty and Lace and thankyou to Garry Browne for a signed copy.

    1. I was excited to read this and even though I thought it was not overly helpful for me, it did make me think about how I can look at what I do in everyday life.
      I make and sell craft items online and it gave me a clearer perception of thought so I did appreciate any positivity in this book.

  9. I felt like it underestimated my intelligence – sorry but I feel like due to my life’s experiences I am well beyond this (and I’m only 52) but have strong faith and rich experiences (not all pleasant!!) which has brought me well and truly beyond the instruction of this book. Sorry too anyone who enjoyed this but it wasn’t for me.

  10. ‘Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room’. This non-fiction book is all about your professional brand and how people perceive you. As a professional in my late 30s with a young family, I felt this book was a good reminder about my career and continuing to manage my reputation and relevance at work. It also had some relevance to my role in a communications team in a Government organisation and how we are perceived as an organisation. It’s an easy read and a small book so didn’t take long to get through. While there was nothing that stood out as a new concept, it was a nice timely reminder and gave me some things to think about. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and the author Garry Browne (who even signed the book) for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  11. Brand New You” is a short relative easy read by Gary Browne. Falling into the ‘business/self help’ genre, it’s a useful read for anyone no matter if they are starting out in a career or at the top of the game. It is showered with many real life examples and several well known people get a mention. It discusses one’s reputation and whilst this is something that can take years to build, it highlights how it can change in a moment.
    Mainly dealing with career, there were still strategies that could be applied to other aspects of life.

  12. Brand New Brand You has been a very interesting read. Much of the book I agreed with, Garry makes some very valid points of how ones’ behaviour and values are reflected in our reputation, and how quickly this can be damaged if we are not constantly aware of ourselves and how others perceive us.

    I found the references to famous people and businesses early in the book to be quite confronting; Garry has no hesitation in making an example of wrong-doers, citing that the importance of a persons behaviour & values should align with those of their business or sponsors. A valid point, but a confronting read when naming and shaming famous people and businesses.

    I am no longer seeking a career, I have chosen to focus on my young family and volunteer in our community. I was pleased to read of Garry’s focus on the importance of being a member of the community. I feel that I am leading by example and raising children with the values of community spirit, kindness and selflessness. Also, as a Mum to a teenage son, I was able to share with him the importance of starting to work when he is young, being a reliable, knowledgeable and capable employee and how a fine reputation will put him in good stead when he tries to commence a career after high school.

    I understand this book is self-published. I believe Garry would benefit from having the book edited. There are numerous spelling, punctuation & grammatical errors which make some parts frustrating to read. Also, most of the book is written in quite formal language, however in the second half we start using it’s instead of it is, which seems to dull the message and is no longer a business-like language.

    Thank you to Garry Browne and Beauty & Lace Book Club for this interesting read. It was certainly thought provoking and helped to confirm to me that although I am no longer career driven, I am on the right path when it comes to reputation, values, future employment and raising my young family.

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