Live What You Love

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Author: Bob and Melinda Blanchard
ISBN: 978-140-277-3761

Live What You Love Notes from a Passionate Life is an inspiring collection of memories put together by Bob and Melinda Blanchard.

I am now at a total loss as to what to say to you about this book right now. Within minutes of sitting down to write this review my phone rang, it was a dear friend calling to run a new idea past me. She has decided this is her year, she is sick of working in a job that she can stand but isn’t really enjoying, she is sick of being at the mercy of other people for her living. The timing was uncanny as I had just sat down to write a review of a book that is all about doing exactly that and following your dreams.

Bob and Melinda reflect on the challenges and experiences that have shaped their lives, sharing the memories that have stayed with them of the dreams they have achieved and the obstacles they managed to overcome on their way.

Live What You Love is a response to countless fans who have looked to them for encouragement, fans who are ready to start living their dreams and looking for some reassurance that it can work out just the way you want it to though sometimes not quite the way you planned.

live what you love book

Bob and Melinda had the life they always wanted all planned out, until the universe decided that wasn’t the life that was best for them and gave them an experience that opened their eyes to the world of opportunity around them. Life is too short to sit back and think ‘one day’ because it is never long enough before you are looking back saying ‘if only’. (and I am still very thrown that I stopped this review to go and have this very conversation.)

This book is not a how to manual on living a fulfilling life, only you can decide what the right decision is for your situation. Here is a collection of memories that show how life changes which changes your perspective and priorities.

Bob and Melinda emphasise repeatedly the 4 ultimate checkpoints that connect dreams with reality. It is all about ensuring that all 4 are present and in the correct balance, if they aren’t balanced you will find it more difficult to gain maximum satisfaction from your life. If you aren’t happy with your life the way it is then you need to look at what you can change to regain that happiness, not too bad isn’t good enough.

Every success the Blanchard’s achieve is another step towards the next challenge. Melinda and Bob found that by achieving their dream they became restless for a new adventure. Never be afraid to look ahead to a new direction. Yes you need to do your homework rather than jump in blind and you need to learn to trust your instincts but there is no reason that you can’t work towards your dreams and see them realised.

The memories contained in Live What You Love are not set out in chronological order. I’m not sure that there is any particular order these insights are in but that really works here. The timeline for this book jumps around quite a bit but that doesn’t make it hard to follow.

Live What You Love is a very uplifting and inspiring demonstration of the power of positive thinking and enthusiasm. It is an affirmation of the effect we can have on our own futures with determination and the right outlook. For everyone who needs a little pick me up and a sprinkle of inspiration this is definitely something to get your hands on.

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