Who Needs Prince Charming?

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Author: Amanda Cole
ISBN: 978-0-9808313-0-6
RRP: $34.95

Amanda Cole is an inspiring and driven young woman who moved me to tears in her previous book, You Are My Future. That drive and ambition saw her self-publish her debut novel I Hate Cinderella and it was a process which brought her into contact with many other inspiring, ambitious women.

‘Who Needs Prince Charming?’ is a collection of interviews with successful, talented women across Australia and the world. These are women who started out just like you and me until they found their passion, discovered what drove them and pursued it. They made the most of their opportunities and built the life they dreamed of. It wasn’t always easy but they made it.

prince charming

The women featured in this book are from many different fields, from TV and radio to business owners and authors. There is someone and something in this book that will speak to every woman, a spark of inspiration or a first hint of faith that you really can do whatever you set your mind to.

This is the sort of book that you can sit and devour cover to cover, soaking up all of the information, storing away all of the tips and processing the journeys of these amazing women one after the other. Or alternately you can use it as a motivator, an inspiration, and read it one chapter at a time. Set a time each day or each week and sit down to take in one interview at a time. Save it for those days where it all seems too hard and you need that extra nudge to get you moving; sit down with a drink to read one inspiring success story that demonstrates that it can be done.

Regardless of how you decide to digest all of the fabulous tips within this book I can gaurantee you will walk away with some extra spark of knowledge.

Amanda’s questions are insightful and explorative so we really are given a chance to get inside the lives of these successful women and learn how they overcame the hurdles on their journey, how they transformed some heartbreaking moments into successes and how they juggle schedules that make me shudder.

‘Who Needs Prince Charming?’ offers encouragement in every readers personal search for what ignites that spark of passion, and offers positive reinforcement that it’s possible as well as resources to navigate your own way.

Some of the contributors to this inspirational collection are Tania Zaetta, Bree Amer, Dr Cindy Pan, Camilla Franks, Jacinta Tynan, Lyndsey Rodrigues and the list goes on.

Amanda Cole

All of which are fabulous reasons to buy and read this book but I have another one! There is a reason to buy this book that goes beyond what it can do for you and gives back to the community, helping girls who need that little bit extra.

Amanda Cole is an ambassador for the SISTER2Sister program, which is the primary initiative of the Life Changing Experiences Foundation, and royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to the program.

SISTER2Sister is a 12 month mentoring program for disadvantaged teenage girls at risk of abuse and/or neglect. The program matches teens with positive female role models to guide them through a program of setting and achieving goals to motivate and inspire them to change the direction of their lives.

I had the opportunity to ask Amanda a couple of questions related to this book and this is what she had to say:

B&L: How did you choose the inspiring women featured within the pages of ‘Who Needs Prince Charming?’ ?

A lot of the women in “Who needs Prince Charming?” I had met during the course of self-publishing my first book “I hate Cinderella’. It was random in that they were from many different fields but are all very strong and determined women. Also, meeting Jessica Brown the founder of SISTER2sister (which royalties from my book sales go towards) also shaped who became a contributor as many of the women in the book are Big Sisters or Ambassadors.

B&L: What made you decide to write ‘Who Needs Prince Charming?’

I never really ‘decide’ to write a book, usually it is an idea that becomes lodged in my thoughts and I just have to get it out onto paper. When I first started working on “Who needs Prince Charming?”, I had a week of sleepless nights as I was hyper, thinking of who to include and how to do the layout and what questions I could ask the girls. The book grew so fast that once the girls were on board it was time to interview and edit and then before I knew it was no longer an idea.. it was now a full-on project, and then delightfully a book!

B&L: Is there a particular message you hope your readers walk away from this book with?

I honestly hope it inspires readers to search for their true passion and find the thing (be it an idea, a product, a piece of art, a talent etc) that keeps them awake at night (in a good way) and lights them up.

To top it off – ‘Who Needs Prince Charming?’ is printed on renewable Australian paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council so it’s also environmentally responsible.

This is an inspiring collection of journeys that would be the perfect gift for teenaged girls just getting ready to embark on the journey for themselves to discover what makes them truly passionate.

Thank you Amanda for bringing together such a collection of success stories in one place to empower women everywhere!

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