Author Interview: Rhian Cahill

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Rhian Cahill is an author I only recently became aware of, through her releases with Escape Publishing. Fortunately for me, she answered some questions about her career for us and I got to find out about how much more of her work is waiting for me to discover it.

Welcome to Beauty and Lace Rhian, thanks for talking to us.
Thanks for having me.

How did you come to pursue a writing career?

I’ve written for as long as I can remember but life (Mr.C, four kids, work) got in the way until a few years ago when I was able to spend more time on my writing. And lucky for me it didn’t take me long to get accepted after I started submitting my work. I’ve been published since 2009 and now have 16 novellas & novels in total.

Please tell us a little about your journey to publication?

In 2007 we packed up the tribe and moved to Singapore for Mr.C’s work. As an ‘expat wife’ I was not able to work so I decided to get serious about my writing. Late in 2008 I submitted my first novella and received an acceptance email two months later. It’s been a wild ride since then and throw in a move back to Australia as well as three of our four kids reaching adulthood and I’m actually not all that sure how I’ve made it this far without going insane. Then again I do have voices in my head……..

Can you tell us a little about the different genres you write?

I write erotic romance in both contemporary and paranormal, and my novellas with Escape Publishing are contemporary romance. I also have a romantic suspense series I’ve been working on.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Oh lord, everywhere. Literally, I can be in the check out line, riding the train, watching TV, listening to music, in the shower, even sleeping. I have no idea how my mind works but I like to describe it as a multi-stacker DVD player and someone has loaded it up and hit random scenes. I never know what I’m going to get but I generally try to get one story down before being distracted by another. Of course sometimes you just have to write a scene from a book you’re not working on. It can get very frustrating when you want one set of characters to talk to you and you have another set yelling at the top of their lungs.

Do you write a complete outline before you start the story or do you let the characters direct the action?

The characters are in complete control. I’m just along for the ride. In fact when I do write an outline you can bet your butt they’re heading in a different direction from the first word. Although I must admit I’d love to write to an outline, I just can’t do it.

You were the first Escape artist to take part in An Escape Love Story. What can you tell us about beginning this unique story?

I volunteered to go first because I knew if I had to follow someone else’s section I’d be in trouble (see previous answer about outlining). I was talking with Ainslie about it and she joked about ending it with ‘The End’ to which I said, fine I’ll start with ‘Once upon a time’. Ainslie promptly told me I couldn’t because we weren’t doing fairy tales or dream sequences. Of course being the rule follower that I am I had to start with ‘Once upon a time’. I love the way the story turned out. I think everyone that came after me deserves a pat on the back and possibly a drink.

What do you love to read?

Romance! I usually read contemporary, paranormal and suspense. I’m a book-a-holic. Honestly, I’m always getting in trouble from Mr.C about how many books I have. Of course he has no clue about the thousands of ebooks I own, he just sees the print ones on the bookcase.

Can you tell us what’s on your TBR pile right now?

I’ve got a Jill Shalvis, Jennifer Bernard (God I love her firemen), Kristan Higgins and I’m waiting for the new Nora Roberts suspense. I couldn’t possibly tell you all the books I have on my three e-readers. We’d be here for a year.

Have you got any advice for aspiring authors?

Write. Write. Write. Oh, and read. And allow yourself to write crap. Not every word is going to be perfect or even good, but each one takes your story one step down the road to THE END and you get to go back and tweak til your heart’s content. But most importantly don’t forget to be passionate about your story. You’re the only voice your book has and if you don’t love it readers aren’t going to love it either.

What’s next for Rhian Cahill?

I’m working on the next two installments of my Party Games series and then I’ll be diving back into my paranormal coyote-shifter world. Plus I’ve a convention in the US I’m attending in early May. It’s a really busy time in my writing world right now.

What does being a woman mean to you?
Hard work. Seriously, some days I love being a woman but then there are others where I wish I was a guy. Let’s face it, they don’t do nearly as much washing as we do.

You can find Rhian on Facebook, Twitter and her website.

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