What Makes Us Tick?

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Author: Hugh Mackay
ISBN: 978-073-362-5077
RRP: 35.00

What Makes Us Tick? The Ten Desires That Drive Us is the new book by Hugh Mackay, the bestselling author of Advance Australia…Where?

Hugh Mackay is an Australian social researcher, he  has spent his life listening to people talk. In a wide range of different settings, both formal and informal, Mackay has listened to people in structured discussion and general conversation. All of this information and observation has been the basis of his series of bestselling books and now has evolved into the things that don’t change. The things that, to some extent, every single one of us is driven by.

Picking this book up I was a little sceptical. To begin with, in very simple generalisations, how can anyone think that the individual minds of the entire human race work the same way. What I discovered within the covers of this book was a very thought provoking narrative of society and its driving forces.


What Makes Us Tick? breaks down the human psyche to the ten most basic desires that drive all of us. Mackay looks at different ways these desires drive us, different applications they have to our lives. And in every chapter he looks at what can happen if these desires are left unchecked and allowed to become all consuming.

There were lots of quotes included within the chapters in reference to particular drives, examples of the desires at work. Mackay delves into his desires so deeply that he does cover it from many different angles. Approaches it from different points of view so you can see how this is relevant to other races within the population.

This is a great book to inspire you to think about your life a little, to look at these desires from your own personal experience. We all have days when we want to look at ourselves a little closer and try to analyse the motives behind some of our actions. This book is a great companion for that journey. Broken down into quite simple terms and very definite breaks between chapters. At times the terminology does get a little analytical but it doesn’t interfere with the flow and understanding of the book. The concepts are quite basic and easy to follow so it really is something anyone could read.

For an insight into the way minds work, why some people are overly arrogant, what happens if we let these desires take control of us and so many other interesting pieces of information this is a great book to pick up. It’s not something to be devoured, the way I usually take my books. This is a book to linger over, take the time to ponder and relate your experiences as you read. Quite an interesting change of pace that was worth the read.

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